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Beyond Copenhagen-Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerod, Denmark

Majority of people visiting Denmark return after visiting few attractions in Copenhagen city. There are many attractions just outside city limits that is worth a visit. In a series of posts, under "Beyond Copenhagen" title, I will share information and pictures about various attractions around Copenhagen. I have already written about Bakken- world's oldest working amusement park. In this post, I am showing you Frederiksborg Castle at Hillerod, Denmark. Located North of Copenhagen, Hillerod can be reached by train, in about 30 minutes from Copenhagen Central. [Understand Copenhagen Public transport system through this post]. S strain A connects city to Hillerod. From the Hillerod station, castle is about a km away. You can walk or take bus 301/302.

Frederiksborg Castle was built in 17th centure, by the Danish King Christian IV. Surrounded by lake on 3 sides and additional buildings on the remaining side, Frederiksborg Castle had enough protection against intruders.

 Having water on 3 sides, the reflections of the Frederiksborg Castle is also very photogenic.

On one of the sides is a huge garden that overlooks the castle. With a small lake, fountain and other waterbodies, the garden perfectly complements the magnificent castle.

The Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod is open to public but from 10-5 (April to October). At present it operates as a museum showcasing 500 years of Danish history. I couldn't go inside the castle, since I went there at 6.30 Am (and I had to return back to city to go to office). So that part is for some other time. There is a 75 DKK ticket to go inside. Guided tours are also available.

  Some early morning photos around the Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerod

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  1. Magnificent castle! Nice frames, Shrinidhi.

  2. Europe has always fascinated me beyond words. The buildings, the rivers, the awesome weather and the green landscapes. Given the choice, I would never come back from that dreamland.

    Somehow some of the countries have succeeded in eluding me & Denmark is one of them.

    Next year I will visit it for sure. :)

  3. Thanks Leena

    @Nisha: I am sure you will have great time in Denmark


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