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Dunkers Culture House, Helsingborg, Sweden

When I went to ticket counter of Karnan tower, Helsingborg, I was offered two options- to buy a single ticket to Karnan tower alone, for 50 SKK, or pay 120 SKK and get a pass (called 2 day Kultur kort) that is valid for 2 days and 4 attractions in Helsingborg (Sofiero's Castle, Dunkers and Open Air Museum are the other 3). Buying the 2 day Kulturkort was good decision because individual tickets sum up to a much higher amount) Thus because my ticket was valid for Dunkers, I decided to check it out- though I had no clue what it is, where it is and what to expect from it.

Navigating the city map given to me, I eventually reached Dunkers. This post shares my observations and learning at Dunkers, Helsingborg, Sweden.

Dunkers is a centre for cultural activities- art, craft, design and other such creative/cultural stuff. Spread across couple of floors, Dunkers has different galleries displaying 3D art work, paintings, creative dress materials and so on. But not much information is available in English, so I could only see things, not read/understand much.

Paintings and art work at Dunkers
This photo of Hindustan Motors Ambassador caught my attention instantly... Must be clicked somewhere in Kolkata I suppose.

 Some spots looked like meant for live workshop/action, but couldn't see anyone in action.
Some dress material like items displayed in a high security showcase- if we go too close, alarm would go off.

 A 3D model depicting destruction due to war

 Some ghost paintings

 An old car
Standalone entry to dunkers cost 70 SKK. Small cafe and visitor information centre is also located inside.

Below- view of harbor behind Dunkers, Helsingborg, Sweden.
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