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Spicejet Sale-Tempting low fares- try now

After long time, SpiceJet has introduced some practical discount sale. The rates are not as low as ones that were sold in 2014- we had flown Chennai Goa return for Rs 1444 for two people all inclusive. Such low fares may not come back again.
Contextual image-Spicejet Bombardier ready to land in Mysore
Right now, SpiceJet Sale is on- tomorrow (28th Oct) is last day as per SpiceJet. Below are some sample fares you can expect. This is usually half of what it costs under normal circumstances, hence a decent bargain. Hence I am composing this post in a hurry, so that my readers can benefit.
Few weeks back Indigo sent a mailer announcing low fares, but when I checked Chennai-Cochin and back, it was coming to about 5.5k, about 2k more than spicejet sale.

But before you book on spicejet sale please note following:
1) Sale fares are valid for bookings between 1st Feb 2016 to 30 October 2016 only.
2) These are non refundable fares. You can change dates by paying a hefty date change fee + fare difference, which is going to cost you a bomb- so unless you are reasonably sure of being able to plan 6 to 12 months in advance and fly accordingly, or unless you are OK with the risk involved (losing 100% of the amount and not flying), don't book.
3) Additional Rs 100 to Rs 150 per person one way is applicable for online payment based on internet banking/credit card payment etc over and above the amount shown in first page.
4) Throughout the booking process spicejet will try to sell more services like insurance etc- be careful to uncheck services you don't want, to avoid paying more unknowingly- keep an eye on total amount as you navigate from one screen to next.
5) Book on spicejet website. Same rates are available on Makemytrip.com etc also, but there convenience fee is more, so you will be paying a few hundreds extra there. Also cancellation/modification is going to be a nightmare if a 3rd party is involved.
6) Sale is available on select dates and flights only, mostly direct flights. Sale is not applicable on destinations involving connecting flight, as far as I have noticed.
7) Sale is available for international destinations also- Colombo, Male, Dubai, Muscat etc. But though sale fares are cheaper, they are not too exciting (Ahemdabad-Muscat 10k, Chennai-Colombo 8k etc, which are only marginally lower than normal fares.
8) In some cases, the fares I saw in the evening today were a few hundred rupees cheaper than the price I saw in the afternoon.
I am not saying this is the final opportunity and you need to book now. Spicejet has completed 10 years early 2015 and is on the path to recovery and we should be expecting more sales from time to time. On their next sale, or for any other sales, above fares can work as a reference.

Happy flying.

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