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Bakken, Denmark- World's oldest Amusement Park with wooden roller coaster ride!

Bakken is world's oldest amusement park, located at about 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen City. On one of the evenings I managed to go there and spend an hour or so- not good enough to enjoy all rides or explore the park fully, but just enough to take some pics, enjoy a few rides and get good idea of the amusement park.

Majority of visitors to Copenhagen head to Tivoli, a more modern amusement park right in the heart of the city. Bakken is bit older and is at a distance, so many miss it.

Main attraction at Bakken is the wooden roller coaster ride. This ride is set up on wooden pillars and frames, though I could see some metal reinforcements here n there.

Helicopter ride is another attraction

The good thing about Bakken is that the entry is free. If you don't want to ride anything, then you can walk in, take a look, click some pics and walk out all for free. Other amusement parks usually charge a per head entry fee irrespective of rides taken. At Bakken, say if only one or two members of the group are interested in rides, then others can give company for free. 249 Kroners (about 2500 INR) gets you one ride at all attractions. There are many other options like buying individual rides or various other combinations.

Entrance to Bakken is surrounded by a large forest area, where deers could be seen roaming freely.

When I bought my ticket, I was given a wrist band, which has a sensor with which your entry to various ride are validated. But when I went for my first ride, machine didn't recognize my band. I was asked to go back to ticketing counter to reset the band. This caused me some inconvenience and wasted time.

If you have luggage and no friends to hold them while you ride, then you will have to rent a locker- which costs 20 DKK per opening.

I could not see any VIP access or priority queue at Bakken.  But crowd was not as much as what I had seen in Tivoli, so wait time is manageable. Some of the rides involve splashing water around and are fun. But one ride I got into unknowingly needed guests to peddle the ride themselves on an elevated platform. This gave good exercise but drained my energy.

But be sure to check Bakken's opening days and timings before planning a visit. It is not open on all days in all seasons, so you might be disappointed after going all the way. Bakken is open only from March end till end of August every year (Summer time in Denmark). But when it is open, it is usually open till 11 PM.

Reaching Bakken- from Copenhagen Central or Norreport catch the S train C to Klampenborg. Bakken is walkable from Klampenborg station. If you are lucky you may see some deers around the entrance to Bakken. A round trip ticket may cost as much as 100 DKK, so buying a 24 hour all Zoner for 130 DKK might be a better option. You will get a train every 10-15 minutes.

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  1. Free entry is a good thing. Would have been nice to see those deer's roaming outside.

  2. Wasn't that wooden roller coaster ride scary .. keep enjoying your time in europe and sharing :)

  3. @Swati

    I am back. Just posting based on photos taken during my trip

    @Rupam: Thanks

    @Arun: Yes. I have some pics of deers roaming outside. Will upload separately later

  4. @Ashwini: Plan a trip to Denmark

    @Swati- Not scary.. I trusted them and took the plunge....


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