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Indian Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark

This post shares details of few Indian Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark- location, brief reviews etc. Will be useful to those heading to Copenhagen and looking for some Indian food.

1. India Palace, near Vesterport

Located within walkable distance from Versterport station, India Palace is one of the very popular Indian restaurants in Denmark. Both food and alcohol is served here, unlike many other Indian restaurants who do not serve hard drinks. Though we were only one team of customers in the restaurant, getting attention from the staff was tough. Many seem to hide in kitchen or near cash counter, getting hold of them was tricky- either need to wait for them to come out of kitchen or need to walk to the counter and call them. No one was standby around our desk. Has over 10+ tables, so can adequate good number.

Food was good. Quantity medium. We ordered ala carte, but buffet is also available.
Update: Visited here again in Feb 2017- very close to Kobenhavn Central and Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel (1.8 kms). Good food, expect 200-400 DKK per person expense for a decent meal.

2. India, Hostrupsvej, Frederiksberg
This restaurant is simply named India... India is located in Fredriksberg, walkable from Fredriksberg Metro and Raddison Blu hotel serves nice Indian food at reasonable rates. Two Samosas cost about 35 DKK. Veg Biryani costs about 100 DKK. Meal for one can be finished in about 150-175 DKK.

3. South Indian, Godthabsvej, Frederiksberg

The South Indian is the only place in Denmark (as per my knowledge) that can serve authentic south Indian items like Idli, Dosa etc. A plate of Masala Dosa costs about 79 DKK. The South Indian is also located in Fredriksberg area, but it is very congested place. You may not find a seat if you go there in peak hours without reservation.

We only ordered online from this restaurant. Food quality is good and quantity is decent. Price is on the higher side compared to other Indian restaurants.

5. Rasoi
This restaurant is located on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Though projected as Indian restaurants, food here are largely western. Only pakoda and few other veg items were available. Though there was a WiFi by the name Rasoi, when asked staff insisted they don't have any WiFi. View more photos of carbon filament lamps at Rasoi
6. Kokken and Karry Express at Kobenhavn S (Copenhagen Central Railway Station)
For about 65 DKK, you can get a cup of rice, veg curry, a samosa and a bottle of water or coke. Good option to grab some food before catching your train. Seems to be owned/operated by Pakistanis. In 2013, I bought these items individually and bill came to 75 DKK. Then I saw that combo is 10DKK cheaper- asked them to convert my order into combo- they obliged and returned my 10 DKK.

Most of the restaurants open at about 10 or 11 AM and are open till late evening. Unlike restaurants in few other European cities that either open very late or have some closing hours in the afternoon (read more here).

There are many more Indian restaurants in Denmark. Above are the ones I have tried.

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  1. I did, not that much though, because of too little veg options!

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