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Friendly squirrels and birds at Seurasaari open air museum, Helsinki

On my day 2 at Helsinki, Finland, I found out about the Seurasaari open air museum and decided to pay a visit. Once I reached there started walking around and to my surprise found that squirrels are very friendly. They would come close, stand on two legs, look at you with expectation and then run away. I had some chips, which I tried offering, but they didn't eat it. Unfortunately I didn't have anything else to offer.

Little later, I saw an old gentleman offering ground nuts to the squirrels.

Even birds would come and grab a bite from your hand... but they don't trust you as much as squirrels do. Birds would fly in, land, pickup a piece and take off, all within a second, so I had tough time clicking them in action. One pic below.
While the old man fed the birds, this squirrel fella was watching in anticipation- as if accusing "when will you stop feeding those birds and give some to me.." Not a very clear picture below, but it should give you a sense of eagerness in its eyes.
 I regret I couldn't carry some groundnuts to feed them myself. But I did have great time watching various animals and birds free and up close at Seurasaari open air Museum, Helsinki. More about the place in future posts.


  1. Next time carry groundnuts around... seriously I too learnt the lesson sometime back when I desperately wanted to feed the peacocks. Finally found some in the bar of the hotel.

  2. Thats a wonderful post, and lovely pics!


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