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Review: Hotel Crowne Plaza @ Changi Airport, Singapore

We stayed at Hotel Crowne Plaza, next door to Changi Airport Singapore. This post is a quick review of what I experienced at the hotel.

Crowne Plaza is known worldwide for their hotels right next to the airport- extremely popular with transit passengers or those who have their work closer to airport.
The good things about Hotel Crowne Plaza
  • From the corridor we can see the runway, flights taking off or landing. 
  • Campus has lots of natural air due to open corridors (but this can be very hot during summer) and plants all over.
  • Rooms are spacious, well equipped
  • Bath tub seems technologically modern- controls felts more sophisticated than what I had seen in other hotels 
  • They had fresh cashew nuts for buffet breakfast- not many hotels keep it as cashew is expensive. I enjoyed lots of cashews during breakfast. Even otherwise there were enough veg options.
  • Pool area with built in trees is very nice. Most hotels will have just pools and no trees in them.
  • Room television is customized with guest name, so feels good when you switch it on. (It was another matter that I was booked under Mrs/Ms Shrinidhi, so when I identified myself at the reception I was told there is no booking for me. After sometime they figured out and let me in!

Not so convenient things/Possible improvements
1. The power socket had a switch which was getting obstructed by devices and getting turned off. As you can see in the picture below, the red switch is too close to the multi-country adapter and if I press the adapter hard, it gets switched off.
2. Once we take off the key card, power cut off is instant. In many other hotels a few seconds delay is enforced, so that there will be light till we get out of the room. May be this is their eco-friendly feature- I am not sure.
3. Some of my friends had issue taking elevator to Level 3 where pool is located. Since elevator is access controlled, if your room is in some other floor you can't take elevator to Level 3. Of course there is an external staircase. May be there is a workaround for this that I am not aware of. If you can get to Level 3 using stairs or with help from others then going back to your room is not a problem.
4. If you hail a taxi at Crowne Plaza you will still be charged an airport parking fee of SGD 3
5 As I walked from airport towards hotel, I had to take an elevator- but once I got in, I had no clue which floor to press for Crowne Plaza- so faced some confusion- but eventually realized that either of the two floors will connect us to Crowne Plaza- it is connected to Changi Airport at two levels- one that leads to reception and main entrance and one level above which takes us direct to restaurant area.

Unfortunately roof is not accessible. A roof top pool or restaurant would have been very nice (but may not be safe due to too many aircrafts around)

Rooms cost in the range of SGD 250-300 a day. Check this post for more accommodation options INSIDE Changi airport

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