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Kaunas Photo Exhibition-Hillerbrand and Magsamen Mandala Project

Kaunas, second largest city of Lithuania had a photo exhibition, called Kaunas Photo Festival. This annual event is being held since 2004 and is longest running photo exhibition in the baltic region. I got to witness a part of their 2015 edition- I have written about "The Kaunas we lost" in this earlier post.

Current post is about Mandala series. At first look, these pics, exhibited outdoor near the base of Zaliakalnis funicular in Kaunas were very confusing. You can see that lots of objects are kept in a circular fashion. To understand their meaning and purpose, one should read the event website http://2015.kaunasphoto.com/en/project/hillerbrand-magsamen/ 

Below is a brief about the Mandala project from its US based Artists Hillerbrand and Magsamen's website. Apparently term Mandala is derived from Buddhism.

A Mandala is defined as a circular design of the universe and also as a symbol expressing a person’s striving for unity of the self. In an effort to heal our home and family after a death, we have created a series of large photographs of Mandalas where we have organized the stuff from our home such as Barbies, Legos, books and all those crazy little plastic items into circular patterns.
Our previous work was about our accumulation of stuff in our home – everything from toys to lawnmowers. We cut holes in our walls, climbed up piles of stuff and surrounded ourselves in our mass of stuff. We are now taking that chaos and creating order through a series of Mandalas.

If the description goes over your head, just enjoy the photos. Essentially these are circular patterns created from everyday items with an intention to bring in a conversation about family dynamics, consumerism and so on...

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  1. Lovely blog post with beautiful pictures and nice narration.

  2. I feel the circular aspect symbolizes the universe where we belong. Anyway, great work they did!

  3. wow.....this is amazing....mandalas teach the concept of reaching to the center of your heart....a great activity and a great collection here....

  4. Thanks Sunaina, Rupam, Alok, S M.

    @Alok- it is all in the mind of the artists...

  5. That's beautiful and inspiring.

    For last three years, I have been collection lot of stuff for creating something useful but couldn't find time to do something worth. Now I have almost half a room full of home material and majority of them all beer bottles. The only I have done so far is glass painting on beer bottle for diwali lights.

    This is very inspiring and hope I will get some ideas from it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. Thanks Sharma ji.. we will wait to see your creation,...


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