BMW Fans of Kaunas, Lithuania

As I returning from Kaunas Castle, I saw a sort of traffic jam with lots of cars. Then I realized that they are all BMWs. Then I hung around a bit to figure out what is going on. One by one the BMWs came in and lined up infront of Kaunas city hall.

Apparently local BMW owners had decided on a meetup. Some pictures for you from what I observed.

At least few folks mistook me for official photographer and were looking at my camera instead of their photographer who had climbed buildings to get a great view.
 Above: GoPro shot


  1. You didn't ask someone to let you drive one? :D

  2. Thanks Arun, Arun Prasad, Ravish Mani, Rupam, Yogi.

    @Mridula- No, didn't want to risk getting beaten up in an unknown country

  3. Did u take their 'official' photographs!!

  4. I think that car clubs are gaining popularity all over the world. Especially if you really love the make and brand of your car, it's nice to get into a group where others feel the same way.


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