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The Kaunas We Lost- Open air exhibition

Lithuania is not as rich as other European countries and its history is not as glorified or popular as that of say Germany, France or England. Still this Baltic country has its share of woes as well as heroism in the 20th century events. As I was walking in the streets of Kaunas, I spotted this open air exhibition which explained various historical events in Kaunas with pictures.

I spent a few minutes taking close look at the historic pictures and trying to imagine how life was back then. Not a super exciting or heroic history, but the efforts taken to preserve and present it needs appreciation. The ninth fort museum has more historic details about the heroism shown by local men during the world wars.

I felt it will be a good idea to share the same with my readers- hence I am sharing those pictures with you here, with a brief caption as read in the bottom of the picture. If you are interested in history or world wars or even if you are simply curious what was Lithuania's role, go through these pics and read the caption to get some idea.

1930s: Central Jewish Bank and its passage. Laisves Avenue 106. Currenly a Zoology museum is located here
 A memorial for 2 pilots
Vutautas University
1930s- Great bridge across river Nemunas
1920-30s: A narrow gauge train nicknamed Kukushka (The Cockoo) running from Old town to upper Panemune. The current location is the right bank of Nemunas river next to the island

1939: A sculpture of Vytis Horse. It is still intact and is located besides veterinary academy of Lithuania university
Old Marketplace
Entrance to the exhibition hall
The Old building of war museum

1931- Presidential automobile- Fiat 519


  1. Every country has its own share of history. Nice to read about Lithuania.

  2. Great to read your post, Beautiful photos from exhibition.

  3. Great post! Getting to know about history is always exciting and that too in the form of such great pictures is like a cherry on the cake!


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