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High End Smartphones from Flipkart-Move up in life!

All of us secretly wish to position ourselves a bit higher than our peers, neighbours and relatives- we get that high when we have something others don’t have. We want bigger houses, better cars and latest gadgets. Not everyone can afford a big house or a car and even if you do, you can’t take it in your pocket all the time to show off. Premium smartphones are the in-thing these days that can set you apart from the ordinary folks.

Today everyone on the street has a phone, almost all of them are smartphones as well. So what sets yours apart? Well, even though the market is flooded with smartphones, there are a few premium smartphones which are always owner’s pride and everyone else’s envy. These phones gain their premium status either due to limited edition release- only select few get to own them (through exclusive partners like flipkart) or through their innovative design and high tech features not available in competition models.

Consider these:
Every phone has a pattern or number lock- but yours has fingerprint sensor- isn’t it cool to just swipe your finger and unlock the phone?

Everyone is a photographer these days with camera mobile. But how close your camera controls and quality to that of a professional camera? How quickly and efficiently you can edit and enhance your pictures before sharing online? Can you count on your camera to click great pictures in extreme low light conditions or fast moving actions? This is the differentiator premium phones bring in.

Privacy- phones can be easily stolen or a curious colleague or relative might attempt to sneak into your phone and extract private contents. How much safety can your phone offer for the contents in it? Does it support a remote wipe-out? Does it support a secondary login or additional access control for enhanced control on who gets to see what? Sometimes these features will make a huge difference and you will be proud you invested in a high end phone with advanced privacy features.

All phones look alike today, because of touch screens- but how premium and attractive looking is the back portion? Is that also a dull black colour or has got a designer look which is customizable? Your phone can make or break your identity, so chose carefully.

Yes, phones can access internet, but can you beat the guy next to you in downloading a heavy movie or in playing a complex game? Does your phone support 4G and has enough hardware to handle heavy duty applications? Can you shop something on flipkart app faster than the other guy? If not you will be left with frustrations in scenarios where you are pitted against your peers. After all, who wants to spend all the time looking at the download or buffer screen?

Of course we all love to check our phones every now and then for new updates. But in that process we often annoy everyone around us as we lose attention to what’s happening around us and focus on phone screen. Can you do it without getting noticed? Some high end phones offer updates on the edge or offer a smart watch which can notify you of critical updates. Isn’t that cool?

These are some of the many reasons why premium smartphones are a sign of your success and can add more value to your life than you thought possible. And when you decide to select one, why go anywhere else but flipkart.com? India’s number one e-commerce portal. Flipkart not only offers extensive details of the smartphone features but also enables you to make more informed decision thanks to lots of user reviews. Easy returns policy of flipkart reduces risk, COD and express deliveries add to convenience. It is always better to buy your premium smartphone from a source trustworthy enough- like Flipkart.

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