Black capped squirrel monkeys at Copenhagen Zoo

Black capped Squirrel monkey are super cute monkeys but these are declared an endangered species. They are said to be the native of South America- Amazon forests, Peru etc. Many European zoos have few of these monkeys well protected and fed. Copenhagen Zoo is one of them. Here these monkeys get a spacious enclosure, provision to play around and good food.

It was a delight to see them in action, moving around fast, balancing on the rope ladder or climbing their enclosure, chasing/teasing others.

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  1. Nice photos. Doesn't look like a typical zoo.

  2. These monkeys are really super cute!

  3. @Arun- Yes they are really cute.

    @Sandeepa- true. Zoos in Europe are very spacious and give lots of freedom to animals. Even people behave well, so there is not too much restriction/fencing etc

  4. hi,
    All photos is really nice and monkeys are really cute.


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