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De Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church) Amsterdam

The New Church, located in Dam Square, Amsterdam.  After hanging around Dam square for sometime, I went inside paying entry fee. Free WiFi was available. This church is currently being used more as an exhibition space than a church. It is not a very big campus- pretty small space inside. There is provision for guests to sit and observe church ceremonies, there are lots of designer artifacts all around, lots of historical information is made available at relevant spots through audio guides, displays etc.

I waited under this for sometime to hear pleasant musical sound that comes from this device.

Inside there was audio visual exhibition of dutch history- how life was few centuries ago, the then kings and so on. Looks like this below structure is created exclusively for exhibition purposes. I tried to grasp the details of information shown, but it was little too deep for me to comprehend. A summary version would have been nice.

A large souvenir shop hopes to get some extra business before visitors leave the premises.

I spent around an hour in this Church. Check De Nieuwe Kerk's official website for details on timing, fee etc.


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