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Beautiful birds at Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

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Copenhagen Zoo has lots of birds- dozens of species and literally hundreds of birds. I had great time watching them flying around in their spacious premises. Of course nothing beats open space, but compared to Indian zoos, European zoos give lots and lots of liberty to animals.

Below is a quick compilation of various birds I clicked at Copenhagen Zoo.

1. Brazilian Tanager- these bright red tiny birds are very very cute.
2. The hornbill- found in South India too like in Dandeli.
3. Gray Crowned Crane- it is too busy cleaning itself- never had time to pose properly for a pic
 4. Parrots- were helping each other cleanup
 5. The Macau
 6. Caliber Flamingos- I have a full post on these birds- check here

7. Pelicans?

 I have few more bird pictures below which I am not able to identify. If you can name them, pls help

 Designer duck!
 A sparrow
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