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Spectacular evening sound and lights show at Gardens by the bay, Singapore

I was probably one of the first few to visit Gardens by the bay in Singapore when it opened in July 2012 (read my first post here). But on that and few other previous visits to Gardens by the bay I had missed witnessing the sound and light show. This shortfall was fulfilled last week during our Singapore visit. We were experiencing the free Singapore tour that is available to transit passengers at Changi airport. Gardens by the bay is one of the spots where tourists are allowed to get off the bus and roam around. (Merlion is the other)

The best thing about Gardens by the bay is that the generic entry is free (You need to pay to go on top of supertrees or to visit Cloud Forest or Flower dome). The evening sound and light show on the supertree is also free entertainment for anyone visiting the garden. The sound and light show begins at 7.45 and 8.45 PM and lasts 15 minutes. Complete with dramatic sound and stunning visuals, the show is a treat to your senses. I was tempted to keep the camera aside and simply indulge in the show, but the blogger in me wouldn't let me do that. Have managed to click below colourful pictures during the show. Pictures do not do justice to the complete audio visual experience you get during the show, still will give you an idea as to what to expect. I have also made few short videos- will need some time to upload.

Last picture clicked by Desitraveler.

It is amazing how so much of lighting and sound facilities are embedded into supertree structures to give visitors the delightful experience. The show culminates with an effect as if all trees are exploding with fireworks... A fantastico experience!. There are a total of 18 supertrees in Gardens by the bay, of heights ranging between 25 to 50 meters in height, as high as 16 floors. About a dozen of them are in main area (Supertree glove) and take part in evening sound and light show. For 5 dollars you can go upstairs to a bridge that connects 2 supertrees (Called OCBC skyway). Though built out of concrete and steel, on their periphery these supertrees house close to 162900 plants.

So if you have not experienced the sound and light show yet, then do not miss it on next visit. Good thing is that you can experience this even if you are just transiting through Singapore, as long as your transit time is suitable to take a free city tour during show timings (You need to have 5 hour transit time minimum to sign up for free city tour, the show is at 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM). 

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  1. This looks so amazing ...


  2. Superb colorful shots Srinidhi. Never knew that transit passengers had an option to choose a Free Tour. That's really wonderful!

    Also, the last shot of 'babaji' is pretty interesting ;) .

  3. Thanks Swati and Rajiv.. Babaji blesses you !


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