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Christ’s Resurrection Church, Kaunas, Lithuania

Christ’s Resurrection Church is a very modern looking church I spotted in Kaunas. It is super tall and looked majestic. I tried going inside and take a look, but a wedding ceremony was in progress, so didn’t go inside. If you manage to go inside, you can access terrace and get good view of the town, as this church is located on an elevated ground.

Here’re some exterior photos of the Christ’s Resurrection for you. History of Christ’s Resurrection Church is available on Wikipedia, so I am not planning to repeat it.



  1. I read it as Chennai renovation because last article I read from your blog was on Chennai flood experience... I hope all is well, guess all is quite a time period has gone by. The Church is looking tall and majestic more building like than any architectural wonder... You could have gone up and got the view of the City from the Church terrace. Nice picture anyway.

  2. @Maria- yes things are back to Normal in Chennai.

    Wedding was in progress, so I didn't want to intrude. So didn't go inside. Wasn't sure if general public can go inside when some private events are happening

  3. First i thought it is some bank headquarters. Nice click.

  4. This looks so different and amazing :)

  5. Wow! Huge and this so doesn't look like a church in the first look!


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