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Malaysia Tourist Visa for Indians-Latest process & fees

Recently I applied for Malaysia Tourist visa for the second time. My previous application was in 2011 - had written about it here-the process has changed a bit since then, so this post provides the updates.
Below table gives quick snapshot of difference between 2011 and today, from my experience.

Visa Fee
Rs 750 + DD expense
Rs 3400 + DD expense (Rs 70 in SBI)
  1. Rs 1000 to embassy (in the name of Consulate General of Malaysia)
  2. Rs 2000 in the name of DU Digital Technologies Private Ltd (The name may vary per city- pls check)
  3. Rs 400 to VFS
  4. Courier and SMS extra at about Rs 400 and 100 optional
Processing time
3 working days
4 working days
Documents required
2 photos
Filled Application Form
Return ticket
2 photos
Can visit embassy directly
Via agency only
Duration granted
1 year, multiple entry
1 year, multiple entry
In 2011, we had got the DD done for Rs 750, filled application form, walked into embassy and submitted our passport, application form, DD and tickets. Passport with VISA was to be collected 3 days later.

But now, we can't approach the embassy directly (that's what I was told when I went directly)- probably embassy doesn't want to handle large crowd of applicants everyday. Applications need to be submitted via an agency like VFS. The Malaysian tourist visa fees has gone up 5 times.

As you see, major change seem to be the VLN fee, which is two times the consulate fee. VLN stands for VISA LUAR NEGARA. It is not very clear what is this, why this fee is charged and what services DU Digital Technologies Private Ltd (in whose name VLN fee is collected) provides. As per various websites that track company registration, such as this one,   DU Digital Technologies Private Ltd is a Delhi based company setup with a capital of 1 lakh rupees only. They don't seem to have a website of their own and no one knows what kind of service this company provides w.r.t Malaysian visa processing or otherwise. While VFS receipt given does acknowledge this amount, Visa stamped on passport doesn't indicate this fee- mentions only Rs 1000 as fees paid. Looks like this fee is applicable only if you apply in India, Bangladesh etc. 

Also it would have been simpler for guests to make one payment and let the embassy and its partners split among themselves later.

At about Rs 3500, Malaysian visa is little expensive compared to neighboring Thailand Visa on arrival (1000 baht) and Singapore visa. But only advantage is that Malaysia tourist visa is issued for a validity of 1 year, so you can visit multiple times. Singapore and Thailand issue visas for much shorter duration.

Other major difference seem to be simplified process- I had taken filled application form, flight tickets, invite letter and other support statements. But at VFS office, the staff said none of those is required. Only DD, Passport and two photos were collected. I could see that VFS staff filed an application online with my passport details for tourist visa, so no physical application was needed. (but VFS website still asks you to come with application form)

Also when I applied for Australia visa, VFS arranged DD. But for Malaysia,I had to go to bank, get the twin DDs and then submit them at VFS. be sure to get the DD only from designated banks- SBI, Axis, IndusInd, Standard Chartered, Ratnakar and Deusche. When I went to Axis bank, they refused to issue a DD unless I pay via cheque- sounded like a stupid logic- no cash, no online transfer would be accepted (I had account with them, but wasn't carrying cheque book)- then had to go to SBI. Rest of the banks are not very easy to find. This time I didn't opt for SMS alert- just to send 2-3 SMS they charge Rs 100+- waste of money, as same information can be tracked online too.

Disclaimer: I have only shared what I experienced. Requirements and process may vary based on city where you apply, type of visa applied and various other parameters. Please check with agencies like VFS to find out if there are any specific needs in your case. 

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Rajiv said...

Thanks a lot for the information Srinidhi. Exactly what I have been looking for.

VJ Sharma said...

Very useful. I am wondering why access is through agents? How does it help an embassy?

Aravind GJ said...

Useful post.

If they are not asking for return ticket and other documents, having an eVisa facility simplifies the process. The middlemen like the company you mentioned can be avoided. Many tourist friendly nations have it.

Neha Bhatt Bhagat said...

Srinidhi..great information, thanks for sharing...

UK Fashionablefoods said...

Awesome. Thanks for the useful info.. :)

The wild said...

Hilarious to see the kind of split up the malaysian visa is charging ,i cant believe they do a split up like this and expect tourists to follow this nonsense.

Malaysia was one of the few countries which is tourist friendly ,i meant including visa processing ,looks like they are going back in time

The wild said...

Cant stop laughing at the phony delhi company who seems to be making more than what the embasssy are charging,looks so spurious !

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Rajiv- Glad it was of some use

@VJ Sharma- reasons I can think of are these
- Embassy doesn't have to deal with large crowd of visa seekers- less security risk, no need to hire more staff for security, accepting applications etc, no need to have space and facilities for large number of visitors. Outsourcing to VFS saves them some time and effort.

@Aravind: Yes, but they are not offering eVisa. We need to submit passport and visa is stamped on it like old times. There is room for improvement, but it is discretion of each country to decide how strict/liberal they wish to be. Some countries do not want too many people also.


@The Wild- Unfortunately, it is discretion of every country what kind of rules they want to enforce before they decide to issue a visa. If you want to enter than country follow the rules, else stay put. Exactly- a legitimate company would have had a proper website and some information in public domain like what kind of service/product they have on offer. This company has no such records. May be some secret service? No idea.

The wild said...

The question is not about rules ,the question is about the hassle -by asking a visitor to make DD in four different denominations ,they are making a mockery of the end customer.Anyways i rest my case.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Well, there are more worse scenarios- some countries like Pakistan will never issue a visa. For US it is a full 2 day process with lots of documentation. Some countries need biometrics, colour xerox of all pages of passport etc etc. In some borders particularly asia road borders, officials use Visa process as an opportunity to extract some money So, welcome to the world of travel...

The wild said...

I think you are going on a tangent ,when the topic i raised is something else ,as i said i will rest my case

Shrinidhi Hande said...


Z Apink for life said...

So we'll have to go through an agency? Then why does the kln site say that it is 1000 for Indian visa. Utter nonsense. However, by the time I apply for visa my passport will be 3 months old. So do I need to submit bank statement of last 6 months. I read this somewhere that we have to for south Indians. Any ideas? I'm from Bangalore.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

which website says Rs 1000 for Indian visa? May be it is not updated or refers only to consulate fee hiding other fees.

I went to consulate in person but was directed to VFS- in fact VFS address was pasted on the window there in Chennai.

Don't think there is a consulate in Bangalore- you need to approach VFS like agency. Rajiv Verma ( is also looking to apply from Bangalore- you can connect with him.

Bank state of last six months- usually couple of weeks old won't get rejected.
South Indians form huge chunk of visitors to Malaysia and few of them enter with tourist visa but stay back to work, hence necessitating additional scrutiny.

Prabhu said...

Much helpful. Thanks for taking efforts to post this.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@prabhu- you are welcome

ವಿ.ರಾ.ಹೆ. said...

I had applied in mid of 2015, Sigapore issued 2 years Visa and Malaysia 1 year. Fees was already hiked by that time.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

yes- Singapore visa duration at the discretion of embassy- sometimes one month, sometimes 2 years or 1 year

Kamal said...

First thanks for this nice post. It is a rough process to get VISA.. Thanks for clarifying all details here..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Kamal

rkthegreat said...

can anyone guide me which is better e-visa or visa stamped on Passport from India? because VFS asked for society letter. can anyone share the format of it?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I think e-Visa is the new thing. I am not much familiar with it

Others pls share your thoughts

Manav Gulati said...

Lucky you. 1 year Malaysia visa good. I got for 3 months this time . last time I got for 1 year which was in 2011 . But Singapore visa I got both the times for 2 -2 years.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I think everything is at the discretion of issuing officials... Can't predict or do anything about it- just hope for the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Shrinidhi,

Very useful info....Thanks for that.

I have a few of queries, can you please assist me.

Planning to apply Multiple Entry visa for my parents hence, have the below questions:

1. Is this multiple entry Visa - for one year or lesser duration?

2. Is there any maximum stay clause in there?
For eg: The Multiple entry visa is valid for one year but, your each stay cannot be longer than a month (30 days at a stretch) and then you will to have to exit Malaysia for re-entry of another 30 days stay?

3. Do we really not need to show the return tickets?

4. Also, since the Application form is not required anymore, then does that mean the applicant has to remind the VFS official that he/she is applying for a Multiple Entry Visa?

5. I am on an Employment Pass here, so while applying this Multiple Entry Visa for my parents - Do I need to provide any Reference Letter (or any other letter like that), which may help them getting this Multiple Entry Visa for longer duration (of course Max - 1 Year)?

Please help me with the answers. I shall be very thankful.

Many Thanks in advance & Regards.

Shrinidhi Hande said...


1. Typically one year, but at the discretion of embassy official.. We can't do anything if issued only for 3 months

2. 30 days, as far as I know

3. I had it but VFS staff returned it. So I don't know why or if it is never needed.

4. I think VFS staff created an application online in their system. Multiple entry is granted by default afaik

5. I don't know. It is better to provide all relevant details. A cover letter may help.

Unknown said...

Hi this is John from Chennai I have received a latest and official news about Malaysia visa fees hike to RS.6000 pls check at VFS

Varghese John said...

Malaysia visa fees increased RS.6000 from Sep 2016

Varghese John said...

Hi this is John from Chennai I have received a latest and official news about Malaysia visa fees hike to RS.6000 pls check at VFS

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@John- Thanks for the tip off. This is bad... How much of this is towards Embassy and how much is for other agencies?

Couldn't locate fee information at VFS website

Anonymous said...

The visa fees is applicable from 15th September so in case you are planning please apply before that

Anonymous said...

The fess hike is for application after 15sep

Unknown said...

Should I apply for tourist visa only 1 month prior to travel date and later, or can I apply at anytime?

Please clarify.

Also what is a cover letter?

A format if possible please.

The vfs email support isn't responding at all. So, please assist guys. Thanks!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Anon- ok

You can apply anytime provided you have ticket and other documents. Since it takes only 3-4 days and validity is 1 year, if you apply like say 6 months in advance, you lose 6 month validity unnecessarily. If you apply say 2 week before, you will be able to make the most of one full year validity, should you wish to travel again say next year same time

Cover letter is not mandatory. It is a free form letter, just explaining your case with any detail which couldn't be filled in pre-defined application forms. No format is there as far as I know.

Best wishes

Gopinaath Mohan said...

I had been to VFS yesterday (12th Sep 16) and got the confirmation that they are hiking 1200 extra . so now the total visa fee will be Rs4600/- per applicant. Very sad that DU Digital tech is charging unacceptable charges .

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Unfortunate. Still not clear what exactly this company does w.r.t visa processing.

Anyway if they keep visa fee high, number of tourists will drop.

Anonymous said...

Very Sad to hear.

zvora saski said...


Go Company said...


Gopinaath Mohan said...

Had been to VFS today and sad ppl they had preponed the hike to 14th Sep instead of 15th Sep. The Visa fee now is 6000INR all inclusive which is way too much and totally not acceptable. This concern needs to be raised and ensure that the Visa charges are kept at a nominal price.

zvora saski said...

I've just called Thomas Cook and they have quoted a price of 3800 odd for single entry visa of Malaysia. Does anyone have any experience applying for visa with Thomas cook?

Gopinaath Mohan said...

You could directly do it of you are planning for a short visit. After this VFS tragedy in steep hike of visa fee... I kind of googled and found that Malaysia has introduced evisa for Indians for stay period upto 30/days and it will be strictly Single entry visa only and valid for 3 months from the date of issue. They charge 2700 INR only for per applicant which Thomas Cook charges 3800. If you could do online banking then I suggest apply for visa by yourself. Cheers

Gopinaath Mohan said...

I have verified this site from my source in Malaysia and they are trusted partners and listed under high Commission website

zvora saski said...

Thanks! Had chat with them yesterday and they've said that credit card is the only way of payment. The photo requirements are very strict though. And we need to submit the accommodation proof( hotel booking tickets) as well.

Will try today and update how it works.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Best wishes Zvora Saski....

@Gopinaath - thanks. Do you know what exactly they do? LIke background check etc?

Shantha Kumara said...

Please let me know how it goes in applying evisa through this web-site, i am looking to apply for the same.

zvora saski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zvora saski said...

I used my debit card for the payment. Make sure that the debit card works for international transactions because the total fee of 2700 includes a payment of $25 and INR 1050 as visa fee.

An important tip to HDFC card users, if the card is not enabled for international usage. To enable international usage, log onto net banking, then click on the Cards tab. Select credit card or debit card as appropriate and select the option to enable international usage.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Zvora- Thanks for sharing your first hand experience and tips. Sure it will be a lot useful to others

Shantha Kumara said...

Thank you Zvora for feedback.

Glylon Rodrigues said...

I had applied for single entry tourist evisa online.. along with my family..mine got rejected..Thiers still under chatting she said to apply again..I lost my processing charges..I don't know what to do any help..I applied on 21 Sept and rejected today..should I apply again??I don't know ..any help..any any agents in Malaysia can help me?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Did the chat rep explain why it is rejected? If rejection is due to errors that can be rectified- such as not providing adequate support documents or errors in filling the form then re apply with correct supporting document might work. If they reason is like criminal records, previous visa overstay/violations, not enough funds etc then it will be rejected again. Try to find out what went wrong before applying again. best wishes

Kiran ಸಾಗರ್ said...

HI Glylon Rodrigues,
I am also in the same situation. My family got the eVISA and i didnt. They didnt mention any reason and seems like they dont give any reason. Dont know what to do. Stay and flight ticket are same for full family. Not sure whats the issue. WHat did u do ?


Gopinaath Mohan said...

Finally, All 5 of our Visa are approved and we are good to travel . Initially mine was asked to upload a different pic as that pic was old . I uploaded another pic and today I received approved e-visa. Glad they have an option for e-visa where I got it down for 2780 / visa instead of 6000/visa. Cheers

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Gopinath: That is good to know- Have a great trip

@Kiram- must be some technical errors- cross check everything again and retry. Best wishes

Sajimon Lukose said...

Hi Glylon,
Appreciate if you could tell, with which agency you have applied with, for e-visa. Is it with window Malaysia directly or through agents. I have applied through Musafir last Tuesday and I still have to get the visa. They came back with some changes in the photo format. As the agency is not giving any information on their submittal to embassy such as tracking information, I am planning to apply directly through window Malaysia. But I am not sure whether it will create any conflict with the already 'under process' application from the agent. My travel dates are nearing just a week away and I do not want to take a chance

Sajimon Lukose said...

Hi Glylon,
Appreciate if you can tell with, which agency you have applied the eVisa. I have applied with Musafir and it is more than 5 days against the 3 days they have promised. After 5 days , they are telling that the photo format has to be modified. I do not want to take chance with them as the travel date is approaching. Now I am thinking of applying directly to window Malaysia, which I believe is their direct web site. I would like to know whether applying again will create any conflict as it is already 'under process' as conveyed by the agent

rajuyelkay said...

I applied for the Malaysian E_visa on 13th October which got rejected, so I have applied for the direct visa today that is 17th October 2016, I am worried will this be through???

kumar said...

Deal Experts,
I am presently working in Malaysia. I am planning to bring my family for visit to Malaysia and Singapore. I am planning to take Malaysia tourist Visa for family from India.Once I cover some places in Malaysia and want to take singapore visit visa to visit singapore. Once I exit from Malaysia to see the singapore, can I enter again into Malaysia with the same tourist visa which I took in India. Kindly advise me and thansk in advance for your help.


Kothakota shabbir hussain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shrinidhi Hande said...

@kumar- if you have regular 1 year multiple entry visa then you can re-enter. if it is single entry e-visa then you can't

@raju- Did you get the visa?

Anonymous said...

what is the cost and required documents for evisa to malasiya

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Rs 2780 as per Gopinaath's comment above. Pls check with official sources for latest and correct information

SAURABH said...

Hi.. Very useful information. Thanks.
I want to know that Malaysian embassy provide only multiple entry visa or there are chances that they provide single entry visa. I have planned in such a way that I have to get multiple entry else my visit will be ruined.
Pls suggest. Thanks.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Hope for multiple entry- while that's what most people got, we can never be sure of that. It will be at the discretion of the embassy/officers.

A better way will be to include multiple tickets and requesting for multiple entry.

Unknown said...

Its an era of outsourcing and a common practice for embassies around the world to appoint agents to deal with visa applications

Sanjib Nayak said...

Hi All,

I am trying to apply eVISA for my parents,its asking me to upload "Accomodation" in PDF format and also below form its asking to fill "ADDRESS IN MALAYSIA" and "CURRENT LOCAL ADDRESS".

My parents will stay at my house not in hotel,so what should i upload in "Accomodation" tab. Shall i give my KL address on both "ADDRESS IN MALAYSIA" and "CURRENT LOCAL ADDRESS" ?

Any suggestion on this ?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Sanjib- I have not filed eVISA hence not very sure

But I think Address in Malaysia should be your home address and current local address must be your parent's address in India(or wherever they are staying now)

zvora saski said...

Hi @Sanjib, you can always chat with their support person online to clarify this. I did file for visa a few months back but unsure what I filled.

Bala said...

Hello All, I am holding EP in Malaysia. I would like to bring my parents to here for 15 days. Is it easy wway to apply VISA usinng "Window Malaysia". What are the pre-requisite for photographs?


Sanjib Nayak said...

@Bala :Recent passport sized studio photo (3.5cmX5.0cm with white background and no border) (1MB max)