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Pichavaram mangrove forest boat ride

I covered two of my long pending destinations last weekend. Pichavaram and Tranquebar. Both were highly refreshing destinations. This post focuses on Pichavaram.

Pichavaram is a must visit destination some 230kms from Chennai, near the temple town of Chidambaram.

Pichavaram offers boat rides in backwaters, in between and under the mangroves. A really scenic and exhilarating experience.The boat ride lasted for an hour and we relished every moment of it, feeling alive and awesome.

Pictures are worth thousand words and below pictures would help you visualize our boat ride, instead of reading plain text

Boat ride cost at Pichavaram. There're different options to suit your budget. A vehicle entry fee of Rs 50 will be charged for cars
 A watch tower offers nice view of the surrounding
 View from Pichavaram watch tower
July is not the season for migratory birds, hence birds were less. Should revisit in November-Feb season for more visual treat of birds.

Tamil Nadu tourism development corporation runs a hotel here. Other than that, Chidambaram is the nearest town for food and stay.


  1. The boat ride seems to be awesome, the first pic looks great...

  2. A beautiful place indeed. Had been there once. Happy that you cover all the scenic beauty of the place.

  3. beautiful!reminds me of sunderbans

  4. Thanks Meghana, Arumugam Sir, Mysay and Nitin

  5. Pichavaram!Being a bengali I have to thank you for giving us all the information & posting all those pictures.These pictures are enough to give a proper idea about the thrilling experience that you people got there.Thank you once again.

  6. Amazing place, hope to visit again in leisure. Last time it was a hurried one.

  7. Thanks Indrani. Yes, minimum 1 hour is needed for a decent experience. Upto 3-4 hour ride is advised for full experience

  8. Hello shrinidhi.. Talakona waterfalls, Neemrana Bungalow and boat ride images are superb.. I am getting Very interesting information which i dnt know.. Thanks for posting..

  9. Oh gosh! So desperate to see some mangrove forests. Thanks for the info. :)

  10. @DN: You're welcome. I also wish to go there again..

  11. Its very close to my place ( Parngipettai ) we took a boat and enjoyed..Frequently we ware visiting that place ..Its really very nice place.This forest I mean the roots has a filter pwer and it keeps the water clean always,
    Prviously it was called MGR Film Idayakani shooting was taken there..Now its calling as thupparivalan tamil film shooting place ( in climax you can see that places )


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