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Gaitore-Royal Resting place, Jaipur- Photos

During my 1 day visit to Jaipur, my auto driver Raju took me to this place, called Gaitore.

Gaitore doesn't appear on the list of top tourist attractions in Jaipur. It is the place where members of royal family are buried. The name, Gaitore is reportedly derived from Gaye (those who've gone) ka Thor.

The Gaitore complex is some 10+kms from Jaipur city and consists of few well designed buildings. Each building is built on the burial ground of kings and queens of Jaipur and has nice carvings.


 The campus is surrounded by hills and there're steps to climb till top. I didn't have the time and energy to climb all the way. It would have offered beautiful shots of the city. Should try next time

An entry fee of Rs 20 is applicable, few locals offer to be guides for a fee, if you're interested in additional details of each structure, the king or queen it belongs to etc

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  1. I like the pictures. They are simply elegant.

  2. Superb images... The architechture is amazing..

  3. Thanks Rajesh, Niranjan, Arumugam Sir, Nasreen

  4. Glad to see my native place images on this website . Thanks for sharing these scenic images with your readers.


  5. Beautiful pictures! It's always good to see such places which are off the beaten path.

  6. I thought I knew Jaipur well....this is going to be my place in my next visit.

  7. Wow! such a fantastic and fabulous blog. Thanks for sharing this post.


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