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How to get a boat into water?

How do you get your car on the road? Get into the car, reverse it, drive out of the garage and you’re on the road. 

But life is not so easy for fishermen. Getting a boat parked on the shore into water takes lots of effort. Seen in these pictures below, about 10 men lift a boat using bars and ropes and move it into the water. Few photos below, clicked at Tranquebar.

An easier option will be to leave the boat in water, but that will reduce life of the boat, hence fishermen move it ashore when not in use. They work as a team, once done with one boat, they began moving the next one.

Another less effort intensive way is to park the boat on wheels, as seen below in Goa


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  2. hmm Thanks For The Information, May Be One Day I Will take Boat To The Water.

  3. did not know about this-how ignorant we are of others'woes.

  4. It needs helluva efforts to launch a boat into the water. The entire operation has been nicely clicked.

  5. Indu: Yes. Life is not so easy out there

    Arumugam sir: yes, but there's room for innovation. With some thoughts this process can be simplified

  6. thankfully i dont any of them :) nice captures !!


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