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Taming the tiger-Alive is Awesome

How does it feel to stand next to a fully grown tiger and be able to touch it and take it for a walk? For those who've seen the tiger only in movies or in a zoo behind the bars, it is a challenging moment to gather courage and be able to spend some time close to the big cat.

We experienced it first hand last year, at Tiger Temple, Thailand. Once inside, we saw tigers in the open. Our next task was to take the tigers for a walk. Many tourists, including those in my group had a moment of hesitation. What if it were to bite or attack us? Has anyone told the cat that we're just tourists and not its evening meal? We had to overcome our fear first. We knew it was safe, we knew tigers are home grown and well trained. Still overcoming our own mind and gathering courage to take control of the tiger needed some time.

The fear was short lived. One by one we got hold of the leash and guided the tiger forward. Like a pet dog, it obeyed our command and walked forward. We touched it, patted it and felt refreshed. One of those moments where we feel being alive is awesome.

One year later, I am still relishing those moments. Should visit one more time if possible


  1. Thats what a good business analyst does. Makes the lion purr like a cat.
    Hats off to your skills Shrinidhi.

  2. I could understand your feeling of awe being able to touch and pet a tiger. But there have been numerous complaints about this Tiger facility. It appears that tigers are heavily sedated and drugged. It is practically impossible to get close to a wild tiger, day after day with hundreds of visitors without an incident.


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