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Club Mahindra Virajpet Resort: Review & Experience

I have always been a critic of Club Mahindra. Not their resorts but the tricky membership scheme they are running. While their properties are great, the timeshare membership scheme is badly managed- they target middle class families who can’t afford luxury stay, there is no service commitment (rooms are subject to availability), no cancellation options, they enroll way more members than their resorts can handle and leave a very bad experience for a large percentage of their customers as getting rooms when you need, where you need is almost always a challenge.

I had written about flaws in Club Mahindra's timeshare membership earlier, which had gone viral. I was part of a few of their FAM trips and had visited Madikeri, Binsar resorts. But those were more than a decade ago. At some point they sent me a legal notice trying to discourage me. We replied to it and then no response. Recently their marketing team contacted me again trying to enroll me for their new 3 year membership scheme (goZest) and as part of this, I was also given a 2 day stay voucher. Using this voucher I managed to book 2 nights at Club Mahindra Virajpet. All the details here.

I wasn’t sure how the experience will go

  • Would they let me in or deny entry citing some silly excuses
  • What is latest at Club Mahindra?
  • How is the internet? Is Club Mahindra Virajpet suitable for working?
  • What is the cost of food at Club Mahindra?
  • How would Coorg be in March End? Will there be water in waterfalls, will there be greenery, is it worth visiting?
  • What are the activities available at Club Mahindra

With these questions I checked in into Club Mahindra Virajpet. I was given a brief intro of the property and guided to my room.

How are the studio rooms at Club Mahindra?

Studio rooms are designed to accommodate 3 people. 2 people on the main bed and a sofa that can be turned into a bed if needed, for the 3rd person. Studio room has a balcony and mini kitchen but no separate living room. Studio room is twice as spacious compared to a normal hotel room. Club Mahindra will have a few hundred rooms like this in each of their resort, so which one you get, view, internet connectivity etc would vary.

Left a thank you note for housekeeping staff during my checkout.

How is Coorg in summer? Worth visiting?

I visited Chelavara waterfalls after 12 years. There was a little bit of water still. So waterfalls in Coorg can be expected to have some minimum water in summer, but nothing compared to fun in October/November time.

A roadside falls also had a trickle. Rivers had minimum water. Another roadside waterfall had dried down. Thus go with minimum expectations

It rained in Coorg during my stay, so weather was pleasant. Even otherwise Coorg is a few degrees cooler than coastal area in summer, so worth visiting

How is the internet? Is Club Mahindra Virajpet suitable for working?

Initial msg had said Virajpet only as Airtel and BSNL connection and WiFi is available only in lobby area. However later I was told Jio is also working.

Below is my experience working from Club Mahindra Virajpet

  • All guests get free access to Basic WiFi connection. Basic WiFi will NOT play video. Connectivity was poor inside the room but by sitting in the corridor closer to WiFi router I was able to work. Basic plan was decent.
  • Club Mahindra Virajpet has a premium internet plan that costs 250 INR + tax per day. I didn’t have the need to buy this.
  • Airtel network was decent. I could tether and use it
  • Jio network is OK
  • WiFi routers are at many spots- reception area, residential blocks, activity center etc. It may not be super effective inside your room but you should be able to find a good spot within a few meters. If you have very heavy usage or hypersensitive work, buy CM’s premium plan.
  • Between 10 AM till 2PM expect some background noise if you are in open area- as guests check out cleaning staff will be at duty preparing the rooms for next check-in, so you may see vacuum cleaners and other machines running.

How is SPA at Club Mahindra Virajpet?

Spa offers a wide range of services. Cheapest massage costs 3500+ tax for Individual, 5000 for couples. Massage prices are a function of duration, type and number of people. Family packages are also available where you can avail 5 different massages for 9000 INR (comes to under 2000 per massage). I didn’t try their services.

What are all the different activities to try at Club Mahindra Virajpet?

  • Plantation walk: 200 INR per person (plus about 25% extra in various taxes & service charges)
  • Cycle rent: 500 INR for 30 minutes (plus tax)
  • Many games, gym, swimming pool etc are free

What else is there at Club Mahindra Virajpet?

A spacious lobby with a coffee shop, one buffet, one ala carte restaurant, an activity center, a swimming pool, an open ground suitable for events, few gardens, spa, a shopping center, a photo studio, terrace garden, a badminton court, a kids play area are some of the facilities available at Club Mahindra Virajpet.

What is included in Club Mahindra Room Rate?

Typically resorts include breakfast complementary, but not with Club Mahindra. For your room booking you get only stay, non premium basic WiFi, pool access. Food, most of the activities, premium WiFi and everything else is chargeable unless explicitly called out as included.

Overall feedback:

Club Mahindra resorts are good and their hospitality is great. My only concern is how their memberships are modeled. 

  • Club Mahindra signs up way more members than they can handle. This results in frustration for many as rooms are not available when and where you need them.
  • It is not inflation free: While membership is sold as inflation free, it is not. ASF goes up every year, food prices keep increasing, sightseeing, travel are anyway not part of membership, club mahindra will change seasons as per their liking (red & purple seasons have increased over time) so your overall holiday spend will keep going up year on year.
  • No exit option: Those who commit for 25 years have no exit option if they are not happy after few years. The money is gone, interest is lost and you’re locked to a system overcrowded. 150000 spend on timeshare membership at 6% FD interest is 90000 INR per year- enough to manage a luxury holiday for your family for a few days.
  • No service commitment: I have no control how many members club mahindra signs up, when and where they want to holiday. There is no service commitment from Club Mahindra that they would guarantee me booking as long as I plan say 1 month in advance. If they say “sorry, not available” they can wash off their hands and the onus is on members to scout for any other available date & location. In my opinion Club Mahindra should give a service guarantee- as long as members can give say 3 different dates & preferred destinations, if CM is not able to provide rooms CM should either provide alternate options at no extra cost to customers or extend their membership by an year waiving off ASF.  But this doesn’t happen. Once you pay lakhs of rupees you are at their mercy while they continue to enroll more members without increasing inventory proportionately.
  • Targeting wrong customer segment: Middle class family won’t like to spend 3000 -4000 INR per person per day on food. Unless you plan well, your overall holiday budget goes for a toss

I had first written about shortcomings of Club Mahindra Timeshare membership some 15 years ago. I even got a legal notice. But nothing has changed in their model since then. Their sales team continues to enroll unsuspecting customers selling great dreams.

Food options & expenses at Club Mahindra Virajpet *


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