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Kannada Kudru island near Kundapura

Kannada Kudru is one of the several islands in and around Kundapura. Kannada Kudru is now connected via a bridge and is just about a km away from NH66 near Hemmadi.

Kannada Kudru is inhibited- there are a few houses. The island is also known for sand mining. Lots of trucks arrive here and carry sand sourced from riverbeds by locals. Sand mafia is strong in the area- they keep an eye on visitors.

What is there to see at Kannada Kudru?

Kannada Kudru is NOT developed as a tourist spot. There is nothing much you can do here. You can drive around, enjoy the scenery, take some photos and return. I have visited Kannada Kudru a few times during the past 1 year- at the eye level there isn’t anything extremely attractive that you should go all the way there. But when passing through NH66 between Kundapura and Baindoor, it is definitely worth a small diversion.

Drive: You can enjoy the drive as long as the road takes you. After crossing the bridge, turn right for a shorter path where you can see NH66 bridge and sand being loaded onto trucks. If you turn left, you can take a longer route deep into the island and reach the very end where you can see more river water on all 3 sides. 

Photograph: You can try photographing the island, boats, bridge etc. You will find scenic coconut plantations on the way to Kannada Kudru. Island is naturally greener post monsoon and a bit dry in summer. So plan your visit accordingly.

There are numerous islands or Kudru s in and around Kundapura. Most are not inhibited. A few like Kannada Kudru and Bangarukudru are worth a stop when in the area.

How to reach Kannada Kudru?

Follow google maps, take left turn from highway near Hemmadi while coming from Kundapura side. There is a board "Kannada Kudru"

Watch a short drone footage of Kannada Kudru below [Watch on youtube]

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