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Kodi beach with seawalk, swings, boating in Kundapura

Kodi beach is Kundapura’s main beach and very popular with locals. Kodi beach is where Panchagangavalli river joins Arabian sea. 

I love Kodi beach

A well maintained sea walk lets people walk along the estuary into the ocean.

Multiple food outlets selling juice, snacks n tea are available near Kodi beach.

Boating is also available in Kodi beach, but currently suspended due to Covid and Monsoon.

Regular sand beach is also available.

View of estuary from Kodi beach

A light house exists near Kodi beach but no public access

Kodi beach has a swing as well- check this post for more details.

In fact the term Kodi is used across the coast till Udupi. We have Kodi Bengre near Hangarakatte, Kanyana Kodi, Kota Kodi, Koteshwara Kodi etc- tied to nearest towns.

The beachside drive is also scenic- you can drive from Kundapura all the way till Sasthana on the beach side road which passes through coconut trees on one side and Arabian sea on the other.

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