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Kayaking adventure near Udupi in Suvarna river by Watersports Kemmannu!

A lot has changed at Kemmannu since last two years. My previous visit was in 2020. I visited again recently in April 2022. Below are all the things that have changed

  • There are 3 to 4 different kayaking operators near Kemmannu hanging bridge now

  • Earlier there were not much space to park. Now some makeshift car parking area is made for kayaking customers. If you avail kayaking from specific operators parking is free, else they may ask for money

  • Cheapest Kayaking costs just 50 INR per person for 30 minutes. Increase in number of operators has brought down price.

  • The road bridge which was under construction in 2020 is now complete. Kemmannu island is accessible by road now

Having written about Anjali water park, bringing to your attention another water-sports adventure available in Udupi district. Kayaking
Udupi Kayaking photo

Love Kayaking? You can do that in Udupi for just 200 INR per hour or 100 INR for half an hour. Kayaking is a self rowing boating activity. Kayaking is more challenging than boating because there's no steering rod or wheel. You've to change direction, speed everything using the rows. There is no motor so Kayaking is entirely manual effort.

I spotted these rafts near Kemmannu Suspension Bridge. Four people had come to enjoy Kayaking so I could get some pictures. 

Where is Kayaking in Udupi?
Kayaking can be enjoyed near Kemmannu Suspension Bridge, 10 kms from Udupi.
Kayaking is enjoyed on Suvarna River.
I have added the location on Google maps, awaiting approval. For now you can search Thimmana Kudru Hanging Bridge on Google maps. (Map link here)

Directions: Udupi-Santhekatte-Hoode beach road. Divert to Kemmannu from main road roughly 1.5 kms before Hoode Beach. Locals will guide if you are lost.
Kayaking in Kemmannu Udupi

Contact Details for Kayaking watersports at Kemmannu near Udupi: 

Operating hours of Watersports Kemmannu: 
Monsoon season- Advance confirmation recommended, will be operated upon demand and subject to favorable weather
Post monsoon: you can simply walk in, rafts will be in the water all the time and you can pay, put on life jacket and begin

Charges for Kayaking in Kemmannu near Udupi: 
INR 200 per person per hour. Half an hour at INR 100.
Above: Guests trying to reverse the boat!

How many can go together?
I saw four rafts, all double. So max 8 people at a time. I am not sure if they have more rafts nearby.
No single rafts, all are double rafts only.

Weight limit: I was told even a 140 kgs person has kayaked successfully in this. Raft will handle your weight provided you don't sway or do some stupid moves to create imbalance and topple it. Life jacket will be provided, operator will join in another Kayak to keep a close watch. Avoid areas with current/force as advised by operator. So kayaking is fully safe.

Precautions to take while Kayaking:
  • Do not move abruptly
  • Avoid areas with strong current and other sensitive areas as advised by operator.
  • Knowing how to swim is not a pre-requisite. In case you topple you will float because of life jacket, hang on till operator comes to rescue.
  • Know your physical limit. Rowing for one hour non stop will exhaust most adults. Unless you're superfit, 30 mins is reasonable duration. Or you can plan to float around a while or manage among you and your partner on who will row when. Do not panic in the middle of river.

Other things to know: 
No locker rooms, changing rooms or such facilities. If you need any talk to operator in advance and confirm. Carry one waterproof bag if you'd like to take your stuff (mobile wallet etc) while Kayaking, else you can leave them in your vehicle or with someone at the shore. You can even leave it at the start point- it is an isolated place with minimum people but you might prefer a bit more safety.
Kayaking in Kemmannu hanging bridge Udupi
Road condition: Excellent except last 1 km. Final 1 km is narrow road, suitable for cars but no space if another vehicle comes from front. Will have to manage. Not suitable for bigger vehicles like tempo traveler. Take auto from main road or walk. A new wider bridge is being built to reach the island, not sure when it will be ready. Limited buses are available to Hoode/Kodi Bengre which can be taken to reach closer Kemmannu suspension bridge (walk final 1 km). To access Water Adventures Kemmannu Kayaking spot you will have to cross the Kemmannu suspension bridge.

I didn't try this Kayaking in Kemmannu. I spotted it accidentally and hadn't gone prepared and it was getting late. I will try with friends and family some other day. I have tried Kayaking in Phi Phi Island near Phuket- there it was 200 THB for an hour, which is now almost INR 500. Relatively what Watersports Kemmannu charging (200 INR per hour) is cheaper.

So next time in Udupi, plan your adventure, fun and exploration. I will provide all required information and guidance.

A video I have shot can be viewed below [Youtube link]

Other activities: Watersports Kemmannu will also organize trekking, lake tours, camping and other adventure activities.

What else to visit nearby?
Hoode Beach, Kodi Bengre Beach, Houseboat stay at Kodi Bengre etc are within 5 km radius.


  1. You can also try kayaking in The Marine View Beach Kayaking Mulki.
    400 INR for a trip of 3.5 hours. Price includes kayak rent, jacket rent, drinking water, washroom facilities, and a life garud cum tour guide.
    The Marine View Beach Kayaking
    Door No 6, Bappathota House, 28A, Kolachikambla Rd, Bappanadu Village, Mulki, Karnataka 574154

    1. Thanks for the info- is it possible to Kayak for 3.5 hours? Wont arms start aching after an hour or so?

  2. Very nice place
    The instructor is also very friendly.
    I have his name is Imthiyaz.
    Very affordable

  3. I love this product, they are way better than my kunai I bought a couple weeks ago. I would recommend these for beginners and they have held up pretty good.


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