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Udupi district: Covid19/Coronavirus news, updates & FAQs

Past one month several people asked me about coronavirus situation in Udupi. While most of the news is available in news websites, I felt the need to compile some of the frequently asked questions in a blog post for the purpose of people looking to know more about situation in Udupi or plan their visit in and out of Udupi.

These FAQs are prepared on 26 July 2020. Information about Udupi's coronavirus situation sourced from own experience and multiple news media. Will try to update at regular intervals.

Q1: How is Corona Virus Situation in Udupi?
Manageable as of now. Udupi once was #1 in number of cases in Karnataka
  • Total cases: 3219
  • Active Cases: 1207
  • Deaths: 14
Bengaluru Uran, Dakshina Kannada, Kalaburagi, Ballari have more cases than Udupi district. Udupi is adding about 150-200 new cases each day, which is one tenth of Bengaluru's count. It is not good compared to several other districts but hasn't gone out of control as of now.

Q2: Are bus services operating in Udupi?
Yes, a few city buses and intercity buses are operating but due to low demand/less crowd operators are cutting services. Expect longer wait times

Q3: Is there a lockdown in Udupi district?
No, not as of now. Sunday lockdown enforced by state government is observed in the district. In many parts of the district traders are closing shops by afternoon either due to poor business or as a precautionary measures.

Q4: How about inter-district/inter state travel?
Possible. There is no restriction as of now. Last week during Bengaluru lockdown Udupi had sealed its borders with adjacent districts. Now open. However be ready to explain your purpose of visit if questioned at check post, avoid visiting if you can.

Q5: What are the quarantine procedures for those visiting Udupi?
Udupi doesn't have separate quarantine rules. Whatever mandated by state government is being enforced. At present it is 14 day home quarantine for most scenario. Details here. People who visit from other districts are urged to home quarantine for 2 weeks though there are no official rules to this effect. State government is said to be tweaking Seva Sindhu portal to allow pass for inter district movement, so rules can change in coming days.

Q6: Are tourist attractions are open in Udupi?
  • Beaches and temples are open. 
  • Waterfalls, amusement parks and movie halls are not open,
  • Banks, postal service, shops are open. Government offices are functioning.
  • Hotels, taxi service and autos are available.
  • Some restaurants are open. Finding food while on the go is not a problem.
Q7: Are schools and colleges open in Udupi?

Q8: How is hospital bed situation in Udupi?
It is not as bad as Bengaluru. There are no news of Corona patients dying on the streets for want of hospital beds in Udupi. We hope situation remains in control this way.

Q9: How are other things in Udupi? Like rains?
Normal monsoon rains this season- getting sunshine since past 4-5 days.

Q10: Where are covid care centres/hospitals in Udupi?
Covid care centres are in Kundapura, karkala (1 each) and Udupi (3) with total capacity of 870 beds. Patients without symptoms can be admitted here. Karnataka allows home quarantine for +ve patients who have a separate room, attached bathroom and helpers in their homes.

Q11: Is quarantine enforcement very strict in Udupi district?
Yes. Aasha workers, local administration deputed staff visit home on daily basis to confirm presence, mobile tracking may be done. Read my experience here. A few FIRs have also been filed against people who violated quarantine multiple times.

Q12: What happens when a person is tested Covid19 Positive in Udupi?
His/her home is usually sealed down for few days after spraying sanitizer. Arrangements are made to supply essentials to doorstep (Chargeable), family members are also usually tested. There will be some social stigma as news spreads fast in villages. Same rule applies for business establishments where people have tested positive.

Q13: Are there any ayurvedic treatment available in Udupi for Coronavirus?
No, nothing to my knowledge. General immunity boosting medicines, kashaya are available easily in varous shops.

Q14: Are there any problems with essential services in Udupi?
No, nothing as of now. Milk, vegetables, groceries, LPG and other essential stuffs are easily available. Sunday most shops are closed.

Q15: Which areas in Udupi have high coronavirus concentration?
Udupi and Manipal being biggest towns have maximum cases. Otherwise Covid19 positive case persons are spread all around the district, including small villages. Most cases are attributed to people returning from other states/abroad.

Let me know if there is something particular you would like to be answered in this post.

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