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Entering Karnataka-Latest Quarantine Rules! July 2020

This post is being designed to serve as single point reference for those looking to enter Karnataka and worried about ever changing quarantine rules. I will keep this updated as and when new rules come in.
entering Karnataka quarantine rules
Current rules for entering Karnataka, as of 28 June 2020

Permission Process: 
Only self registration is required, no need to wait for approval.
Apply on Seva Singhu portal-need to select entry points- only 400 slots per day, so need to plan few days in advance. Site works well early morning hours, may hang often during day time.

Quarantine rules for Asymptomatic visitors (updated July 07)
No longer institutional quarantine for those entering from Delhi/TN as per latest order.

Entering from

Institutional Quarantine

Home Quarantine



0 days

14 days

ministers & politicians, military, pregnant women, seriously ill people are exempted from institutional quarantine

Delhi & Tamil Nadu

0 days

14 days


Rest of India


14 days


Movement within Karnataka

0 days    

0 days




14 days 






Rules for those having symptoms (High temperature, severe cough, respiratory illness): Can't board flight/train, hospitalization if arriving at state border.

Current Covid-19 status in Karnataka (July 07)- 
#10 in total cases and active cases (statewise). 

Total Cases

Active Cases

Recovered Cases






What is open in Karnataka?
Following facilities are operating in Karnataka with lots of rules and restrictions
  • KSRTC Bus services across the state, private buses in some regions
  • Hotels & Lodges
  • Temples 
  • Malls
  • Many tourist attractions
  • Essential services
Cost of institutional Quarantine
Govt has fixed rates as per below image for paid institutional quarantine. Free option is also available. But there's widespread allegations that cheaper options are often sold out forcing people to take expensive option or hotel staff demanding more than pre-fixed rates. Image sourced from internet (Quint site)

Things to note:
  • Institutional Quarantine is usually assigned in destination district, not at border
  • Home Quarantine violation may result in FIR and or Institutional Quarantine- Tracking may be done remotely via mobile phone tower signal
  • There was no stamp on the hand or seal on the house when I entered on June 10th, but this may change depending on local authorities and latest rules.
  • If in doubt find contact number of DC office of your destination district, speak to them to get required clarity.
Disclaimer: All information as available on official sites & media releases at the time of compiling. For reference only.  Rules are subject to change at regular intervals.


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