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Udupi Offbeat-Scenic Udyavara & Mattu Beach stretch

March 2022 Update: Drone photos added. Watch a video below [Watch on youtube]

Udyavara beach is one of the lesser known attractions in Udupi. Udyavara beach offers a long stretch of road with Arabian sea on one side and river on the other, separated only by a small strip of land with a road, few houses and several coconut trees.
A drive through Udyavara beach is a super scenic experience. Check some photos below.
Udyavara beach Udupi

Udyavara beach road

A drone shot would have been great but I don't have one. Also need to factor strong winds before launching the drone. Watch a short video below of Udyavara beach.

What to expect at Udyavara beach?
There are no tourist activities as such. You can sit by the beach and relax. At some places you may find a net setup by locals for playing volleyball, benches to sit or shops to buy some stuff from. Otherwise it is just the sea, river and you. Refer map below- the entire stretch is roughly 10 kms long. Your can ride/drive entire way or divert to Katpadi just before Mattu beach

Watch a short video below of Udyavara beach (Watch on Youtube)
Another view from the drone

Nearby: Malpe beach, sea walk and St Mary's island boating point are just prior to beginning of Udyavara beach drive. On the other end you can see Kapu light house is 6 kms further south by road from Udyavara. Udupi and Manipal towns have more attractions.

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