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Museum in Manipal-Smriti Bhavan-Dr TMA Pai's residence

Manipal city is full of high rise buildings, institutions of international standards and a population hailing from all over the world. But a century earlier, Manipal was a baren land with nothing but rocks and hills. The growth of a town since then has been astonishing. All these was made possible because of vision and effort of one person, Dr Thonse Madhava Anantha Pai, or TMA Pai.

Dr TMA Pai was born in 1898 and he started KMC or Kasturba Medical College in 1953. KMC was India's first private, self financed medical college and soon became a house hold name in the region. Every hospital in the region refer their critical patients to KMC (locally known as Manipal Hospital)- KMC is the ultimate option in medical care.

Dr TMA Pai established MIT (Manipal Institute of Technology) in 1957. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and thousands of other successful people are alumni of this institute. Dr TMA Pai also established Syndicate Bank and dozens of other institutions all over Manipal, Mangaluru and other cities. Manipal Group is now one of the most prominent educational powerhouse in India with branches in Dubai, Sikkim and several other places around the world.
Smriti Bhavan Manipal Museum TMA Pai
This much intro was necessary because most people visiting Manipal today do not know much about its founder, Dr TMA Pai. Fortunately, a small two story residence from which Dr TMA Pai operated, as been converted into a museum and is open to public free of cost. Visitors can take a look at various artifacts used by Mr. Pai and understand his life and times.

Located in the heart of the city- just about 100 meters from Tiger Circle, the house is small and humble. Had it not been for its historical significance and name of its resident, the building would have probably been demolished to erect another skyrise.

I paid a visit to Smriti Bhavan (name given to the residence converted into museum) this week and here's what to expect.
1. Home office of Dr TMA Pai
home office of tma pai
 2. Yakshagana Characters
3. Personal items used by TMA Pai- bed, table lamp and so on
4. Photos, Statues, news clippings and other information related to Dr T M A Pai.
5. Surgical instruments and equipment used by Dr. Thonse Madhava Ananta Pai
6. Life Chronicles of Dr T M A Pai
7. Other household items and exhibits
I came to know about Smriti Bhavan through a facebook post on MGM Journalism by students of MGM College. 

Timing and Entry information for Smriti Bhavan:
Smriti Bhavan is open from 8.30 AM till 1 PM and 2.30 PM till 6 PM
Entry is free. Users have to register and of course wear mask and sanitize hands.
Time to spend: 30 minutes if in hurry, an hour in leisure. Be sure to visit first floor.
Parking you've to manage in nearby streets.

Other two museums in Manipal are MAP  (Museum of Anatomy and Pathology) and Hastha Shilpa (a collection of heritage homes)- both closed right now due to covid-19. For a full list of 10 places of interest in Manipal check this post. 

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