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Village Life: Pros and Cons

After several years I am getting to spend some time in my home town for long duration. The village where I grew up but been only short term visitor since I started working. Now I have a break and in home quarantine after returning from Chennai, I am confined for at least another week to my home and open space around it.

Spending time in villages has lots of pros and some cons. Here's a quick update.

1. Rain: It is monsoon season in coastal Karnataka now, so lots of rain. While rain keeps us cool, at sometime we long for some sunshine. With rains plants spring back to life- lots of new plants, mushrooms and greenery all around.

2. Healthy food- Locally grown Colocasia, Vandelega and other plants make for healthy and tasty food. My mother made Patrode from local colocasia leaves which I could have to my heart’s content. A small piece costs 50 INR in cities
3. Being close to family: Is a priceless experience

4. More space: Villages have more space to move around, more greenery, fresher air.

5. Birds and animals: I can see peacocks, lots of birds and other animals within close proximity to my home.

The slow life of villages is something everyone should experience once a while.

Negatives: Village life is not without problems.
  • Powercuts are a lot more than cities. Villages suffer powercut whenever power consumption goes up in cities. Also when it rains power cut is done as a precautionary measure.
  • Weak internet: Internet connection is 10 times weaker compared to cities. Hard to manage data intensive work.
  • Less of everything: Finding servicemen to fix things, getting goods transported and several day to day activities are more time consuming, complicated or hard to find in villages.
  • Creepers: Millipedes and centipedes regularly invade our homes looking for a warmer place to stay during rains. Have to deal with them on regular basis. Even snakes come close once a while. We also have to battle ants that attack our food and other creatures all the time. 
What do you prefer? Village or city?


  1. Once for a while village life looks good with lots of environment friendly surroundings and fresh and cool natural air. the rest city life for all the quick requirements and solutions is good.


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