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Varanga Lake Basadi near Hebri-Udupi's offbeat attraction

December 2023 Update: no GoPro, No Insta360 allowed

April 2022 Update: Varanga management has put up a board banning any kind of photography or videography around the premises- no pre wedding shoot, no drone footage, no camera usage.

October 2021 Update: Revisited Varanga and this time we could take a boat and enter the Basadi. I have updated the post with additional photos and details.

Varanga is a unique spot in Udupi district. Varanga is popular for its Jain Basadi located in the centre of a large lake. The view is best seen from above, using a drone, but I have given below what is visible at eye level.

Varanga lake basadi

Above photo is with some digital zoom. Without zoom this is how it looks from the lake bund.

varanga lake

Boat ride costs 20 Rs per person, ticket needs to be bought at the temple office
Western ghats provide perfect backdrop to Varanga Lake.
Varanga is 7 kms from Hebri on Karkala road. Varanga has a proper Jain Basadi but the small one in the centre of a lake is what pulls the crowd. There is no way to reach the Basadi-it can only be seen from the shore. There is a walking trail (which can be improved further) around the lake.

A small stream of water was flowing by the lake. Excess water from the lake goes into this stream and probably joins Seetanadi eventually.  Some cleaning is required in the lake. Fishes in the lake come closer in anticipation of food from visitors. Paddy fields around are scenic too.

The main Jain Basadi (Nimishamba Basadi) nearby has a gold plated mahasthamba. Inner sanctum was closed when I visited. Visitors can ring the bell outside and send their prayers.

When in Hebri-Karkala area make it a point to visit Varanga Lake basadi.


  1. I am told you can use a boat to go to the basadi in the middle of lake.

  2. Thank you for information. It will help us to explore many unexplored beautiful places within India


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