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Tikona broadband Chennai long term customer review

I have been using Tikona broadband for about 3 years. When I wanted a home broadband connection, ACT and Airtel were not servicing my location. Tikona was. Couple of quick calls and formalities and my connection was up. About 6 months later ACT and others showed up in my area with slightly better plans but I didn't have any motive to switch (or I was lazy may be). However initially I only had LAN connection because I didn’t have a router. (An airtel router I had wouldn’t work with Tikona). Later I bought a T-Link router. It was mostly plug and play so didn’t need a service person to come home and help.
  • Fairly reliable service. When there was massive rains in December 2016, Tikona managed to restore the service in about 10 days, while my friends having ACT had to wait for 2-3 weeks. Overall connectivity has been smooth. There are times internet would disconnect and I had to wait several minutes. Once I had to call technician because of this problem but otherwise problem would solve itself if I wait for sometime. I would put reliability at about 85-90%. I had to rely on my airtel mobile data as backup, which is very weak indoors compared to Tikona.
  • Some fibre interent operators have launched fancy schemes like 1GBPS, 100 TB offer etc. I am glad Tikona hasn’t gone overboard and has stuck to providing reliable basic service.
  • Payment process has been smooth. Didn’t face any issue on excess billing or such. They had offers wherein I would get some discount if I pay for 12-24 months in advance-but I didn’t opt for such schemes. Past experience has thought me that once I part with my money service standards usually drop, so I wanted keep my options open even if it meant I miss an opportunity to save 10-20%.
  • Service response is fairly good. A few times I wanted something (Change of tariff plans, connectivity issues etc) my request has been attended to within reasonable time. I had to drop an email and service would be initiated within few days- I like this compared to calling customer care.
  • Self service portal is good, but it didn’t have options to request suspension of service.
  • They won’t inform when cheaper tariff plans are rolled out. After I opted for some 10 GB, 750 Rs monthly plan in 2016, Tikona launched new plans- 25GB/649 Rs. I was not aware of this for months. Later when I realized I had to request a change of plan. I lost several hundred rupees and lots of GBs because of this.
  • When I asked my subscription to be put on hold Tikona staff told me about a 500 GB lifetime validity prepaid scheme that would cost 1000 INR- I didn’t know about this earlier.
  • Reminders: At times I get daily reminder calls to pay my bills, with due dates still 7 days away. This is at times annoying- They should remind say 2-3 days before due date. Also calling each time from different numbers is unwarranted.
  • Tikona doesn’t seem to have a social media team/portfolio unlike other brands
Overall I am pleased with Tikona home broadband connection. There were some hiccups like with any service provider but Tikona did address them. Tikona is not the cheapest, fastest and most flamboyant internet service provider in town, but they offer a decent connection, quick service and overall satisfactory standards adequate for most home users. Official website is www.tikona.in


  1. I am Urvashi Jain from Mumbai(Worli Area)

    Sales Executive assigned - Krishna - 07715889458
    I had a very bad experience, I have made the payment of Rs.4100. And the Sales Executive(Krishna - 07715889458) has been assigned to us. Every time we call, he says that we are just reaching in 5 minutes to make the installation.
    In Feb 2020, I had applied for a new connection and had paid Rs.500 and the rest of the money Krishna told me to pay at the time of installation. But due to our building rules there was no connection of Tikona(He lied to me in the beginning that your building has our tikona connection).

    Now, on 31 Oct 2020 - Saturday - I shifted to a new building. I called him as I had already paid him in Feb. He said okay I will come in an hour but before it we need to create a new account for this connection. I told him not to create a new account but he said I will transfer your money to your this account and later we will update your old number and old id in this new account. I said okay.

    Now after making me wait for the whole day he called me up in the evening and told me to do the remaining payment because policies are now changed(in a single day) and before we come to do the connection, you need to make the full payment. I first denied, and later he called me twice to make the payment as the technical person is near to your building to do your connection but before it payment is required(this was what he said). I gave it a thought and made the full payment.

    Today, it's 2 November 2020, it's been 2 days. Yesterday night he called me up and told me that we will reach your place in the morning for the connection. I told him to come on time as I have to leave for office in the morning and my office timings are from 10:00 AM but will wait for you. He said yes, will reach by 10:30 AM anyhow. At 10:30 AM I called him, he disconnected my call and I tried to call him again but he has switched off his number.
    It's 11:49, still his phone is switched off. Very very bad experience.
    Tikona please reach me back on my number.
    Service id - 1126768073(new)
    Service id - 1125684032(old)

  2. Hi i have upgraded my plan from 10mbps to 40 mbps and made the payment and i also paid 873.45 rs for installation of new device and when i called the technician for installation he said that device is not available.i complained several times in app but it was not at all useful.pls resolve my issue as i have paid 1943 for plan and 873 extra for device.
    My sevice id:1126112008

  3. Even I have faced the worst experience of my life by choosing Tikona as my internet service provider. I found the nearest ISP on Google and called the number mentioned on the page. Vijaykant Tiwari(9145100654).
    The person came to my building within 10min as he knew he is going to get ₹500 cash from me which I paid was a fraud(not asked by Tikona,but vijay himself) which I came to know about later during refund process.
    As promised,he was supposed to provide me the internet connection within two days. Continuously I was following up on the internet connection to be done, kept on calling him, he kept on disconnecting my calls.
    But after the evening of 3rd day when I called him up asking for the status he was of the opinion that "mereko ek hi kaam nahi hai. Time to lagta hi hai. Rukna padega. Apka ₹1000 se mujhe bangla nahi bandhna hai".
    After wasting my three crucial days,I decided to change this hopeless ISP. I got a (work from home) job in this corona situation and was expected to get the internet connection done and be ready for work.
    It is easy to make out how crucial those 3days and the internet connection was for me.
    I could not join the batch at work on the given date because of no internet. It was only because of these irresponsible natured working officials.
    During my refund applying process I was asked to complaint to 10 different people,send same mails many times and wait for whole month (in the name of 7-10) working days for the refund payment.
    I was directed to Mr.Shubham Patil (lead desk retail) who assured me of my refund. But even he was shocked to know that in addition to ₹1000 online payment for the internet connection,I have paid ₹500 cash (fraud) to internet connection executive (vijaykant Tiwari) as connection charges which I was not supposed to pay as connection charges were already included in ₹1000 that I already paid.
    I was very disappointed to know this as it must have happened with everyone whose internet connection is established by vijay(fraud).
    Today after a whole month (November)I have got to know from Mr.Shubham Patil that "Vijay has left the job long back. I cannot assure your ₹500 cash and we have not received it. You can take necessary actions towards him".
    I don't know how am I supposed to react to this matter, whom to trust, should l give up?. No! I have decided to put this matter to people who hunt for internet connection and trust these buggers.
    Please avoid choosing TIKONA as your ISP. Choose wisely don't get fooled as in my case. Never pay cash to anyone. All the best.

  4. Tikona is a fraud company. I have used it and found that service is worst. They just do timepass whenever trouble shooting the issue. My refund is still pending from the company and they are just giving my dates , no refund. Fake company

  5. bad sarvice complaint par koi bhi
    action nhi hota meri complaint 6 din
    ho gaya abhi tak nhi sarvice wala banda aya seraj varanasi up

  6. I am using Tikona , whenever power goes it will not work . Even though I am using ups then also same problem whenever called to coustomer care or mail no one is responding or resolving the issue.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think there are some tikona network equipments that need power

  7. Please don't buy this board brand waste of money , Very bad customer service.. frequent disconnection,even after complaining, got msg that issue has been fixed but there no internet for a whole day.

  8. Their services are poor. No technical support in case of any fault. Even the customer care team puts your call on hold. Worst part is that, if you want to surrender your connection they try to delay it and it is almost impossible to get your refund.

  9. Iam facing issue of frequent disruption of connectivity for the last one month , despite changing the rating of the cable . We have lost heart and patience to watch our favourite channels . It seems since ages we use to see programmes without any issues despite spendig &taken tha annual subscription of rs 10000/.


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