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Tikona broadband Chennai long term customer review

I have been using Tikona broadband for about 3 years. When I wanted a home broadband connection, ACT and Airtel were not servicing my location. Tikona was. Couple of quick calls and formalities and my connection was up. About 6 months later ACT and others showed up in my area with slightly better plans but I didn't have any motive to switch (or I was lazy may be). However initially I only had LAN connection because I didn’t have a router. (An airtel router I had wouldn’t work with Tikona). Later I bought a T-Link router. It was mostly plug and play so didn’t need a service person to come home and help.
  • Fairly reliable service. When there was massive rains in December 2016, Tikona managed to restore the service in about 10 days, while my friends having ACT had to wait for 2-3 weeks. Overall connectivity has been smooth. There are times internet would disconnect and I had to wait several minutes. Once I had to call technician because of this problem but otherwise problem would solve itself if I wait for sometime. I would put reliability at about 85-90%. I had to rely on my airtel mobile data as backup, which is very weak indoors compared to Tikona.
  • Some fibre interent operators have launched fancy schemes like 1GBPS, 100 TB offer etc. I am glad Tikona hasn’t gone overboard and has stuck to providing reliable basic service.
  • Payment process has been smooth. Didn’t face any issue on excess billing or such. They had offers wherein I would get some discount if I pay for 12-24 months in advance-but I didn’t opt for such schemes. Past experience has thought me that once I part with my money service standards usually drop, so I wanted keep my options open even if it meant I miss an opportunity to save 10-20%.
  • Service response is fairly good. A few times I wanted something (Change of tariff plans, connectivity issues etc) my request has been attended to within reasonable time. I had to drop an email and service would be initiated within few days- I like this compared to calling customer care.
  • Self service portal is good, but it didn’t have options to request suspension of service.
  • They won’t inform when cheaper tariff plans are rolled out. After I opted for some 10 GB, 750 Rs monthly plan in 2016, Tikona launched new plans- 25GB/649 Rs. I was not aware of this for months. Later when I realized I had to request a change of plan. I lost several hundred rupees and lots of GBs because of this.
  • When I asked my subscription to be put on hold Tikona staff told me about a 500 GB lifetime validity prepaid scheme that would cost 1000 INR- I didn’t know about this earlier.
  • Reminders: At times I get daily reminder calls to pay my bills, with due dates still 7 days away. This is at times annoying- They should remind say 2-3 days before due date. Also calling each time from different numbers is unwarranted.
  • Tikona doesn’t seem to have a social media team/portfolio unlike other brands
Overall I am pleased with Tikona home broadband connection. There were some hiccups like with any service provider but Tikona did address them. Tikona is not the cheapest, fastest and most flamboyant internet service provider in town, but they offer a decent connection, quick service and overall satisfactory standards adequate for most home users. Official website is www.tikona.in


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