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Get this real like Pistol for your safety!

The times are changing. Unemployment is all time high, people don't have job, food or money. What this means is increased crime. Desperate people will not mind robbing someone just for a few hundred rupees. If you try to resist you may suffer major injuries or even death.

Police can't be everywhere and it is hard to ensure your area remains safe or you or your loved ones do not get robbed while out to get groceries or other urgent work.

Below are some of the recent news:
1. Spicejet Pilot robbed at Gun Point in Delhi, June 2020 [Source: NDTV]
2. Robbery in West Bengal- Bank Manager looted at Gun Point: June 2020 [Source TOI]
3. Bengaluru iPhone robbery, March 2020 [Source]

These are just a few incidents that made it to mainstream media. Twitter has several more such stories and many minor incidents might have gone unnoticed due to lack of evidence or victims fearing complications of police procedure over small amounts.

How to protect yourself and your loved ones?
Having a gun is an easy deterrent for robbers. Those armed with a less powerful weapon like a knife will get easily scared of a gun. Even those who have a gun can get discouraged if you also have a gun, as you can fire back and injure/kill him as well.

But getting a real gun needs police permission and lots of money. You should be able to establish that there's a threat to your life, in order to be permitted to have a firearm. Even if you get a license there're a hundred rules to comply - like depositing it during elections, providing record of every bullet fired etc.

But there is an easy way. You can get a fake pistol which looks exactly like a real one. It is heavy, feels real and hard to distinguish from a distance. You can have it for about INR 600, without any paperwork or fear of misfire. Good thing is, it also has a lighter so you can light your stove or cigarette or campfire!
You can place your order from Amazon using the link below. I had purchased this 3 years ago first on Flipkart but they sent a faulty product and replacement was a nightmare [read here]. Later bought on Amazon. The price has dropped almost 50% now compared to what I paid in 2017.

Click on the images to open Amazon product link in new tab. Happy shopping.

Another recommended option is this one.

Take this seriously, get your gun now. Thank me later. If anyone tries to attack you or threaten you, just pull it out and see their face change colour. You can also act as if you're pulling the pin to unlock etc!

Stay safe!

Disclaimer: This is a fake gun and will not offer real protection. But it might win you precious moments to plan your strategy in case of an attack or even might manage to scare away most robbers.

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