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Shopping ideas/ Unique Souvenirs and gifts to buy from Udupi

So you are in Udupi and your trip is about to end. What are the best things you can buy from Udupi for your friends and family on your way back? Where to buy gifts and souvenirs in Udupi? When travel & fashion blogger Ankita Sinha visiting Udupi asked me what all they can buy in Udupi, I realized I have not written a post on this topic useful to several visitors and tourists.  This post aims to guide you as best as possible with information available as of April 2022. 

Souvenirs and shopping ideas for Udupi

1 Fresh cashew nuts.

Cashew is a tasty fruit. While the fruit is hard to find, nuts are also popular items to buy. Cashew nut is a dry fruit and can be stored for long duration. While cashew nut is available all over India, they are very expensive- a kg of cashew nut may cost INR 1000-1500 in supermarkets.

Udupi is a region where cashew is grown and there are a few factories that that sell cashew nuts. These factory outlets sell cashew a lot cheaper than the price you get in super market near you. Also cashew from these factory outlets are fresh. When in Udupi you can buy a few packets for your family and friends

Bolas The factory outlet- between Karavali and Udupi bus stand is the most convenient place to buy cashew in Udupi. Madhav Prakash factory in Karkala is another place.

2. Udupi sarees

Udupi saree is GI tagged product and is worth buying as a gift for women in your family. Available at various saree houses across the town, including Kalsankars, Jayalakshmi Silks and more.

3. Pooja items:

Several shops around Udupi Srikrishna temple sell pooja artifacts. You can buy a few of them if you practice religious ceremonies at your home

4. Souvenirs near Woodlands Hotel

Near woodlands hotel n Udupi is a shop that sells idols, metal souvenirs and other gift items. Take a look and pick what you like. Same products cost 2-3 times more in branded shops.

5. Jaggery from alemane

If you are visiting in season (Jan to March), you might be able to visit an alemane where sugarcane is squeezed and jaggery is made. This natural jaggery is tasty, lasts longer and is better than what you buy in supermarkets which could be adulterated a bit. Even after the season ends, some alemanes may keep their sales counter open. So you may be able to buy it even in April/May. More details here.

6. Jackfruit Happala (Papad)

Happala (appalam) made out of Jackfruit makes a tasty snack. Available in select provision stores in coastal area, you should definitely buy a packet or two. Happala is also available in other formats- Potato, Genasu etc

7 Jasmine & Mattu gulla

Udupi Jasmine is good to carry if it can be used in a day or two. Can be used for making short garlands that women can wear.

Mattu Gulla is a local vegetable (Brinjal)- which is GI tagged. You can buy a few if you can consume them within a day or two max.

Mattu Gulla Brinjal Udupi

8 Pickles

Sakalika near Hangarakatte and a few other local pickle brands are popular. You can buy a few packs of their mango pickles.

9. Mundakki (Churumuri)

Mandakki is a snack made out of frying rice. Mundakki Upkari (Churumuri)- made by adding oil, onion and bit of tomato and coriander is a great evening snack. Mandakki available in Udupi area is different taste and size compared to what is available in other parts of the country. You can buy a few packs of these mundakki from local shops and carry with you. Consume it as is or make churumuri out of it at your home.

10. Unique festive Sweets

If there is a festival going on when you are n Udupi, do visit and check out the sweet stall. They would have several types of sweets and snacks. Some of these are unique to the coastal Karnataka area and you may not get them in your town.  Shop owner will be happy to let you taste a sample and decide. Regular bakeries will not stock these sweets and these are usually available only in shops set up during fairs and special events.

Udupi town has several market areas- Badagupete, Tenkapete etc. Most of these are located in and around the city center and Sri Krishna Matt area. Go for a walk and explore different shops and their offerings.

Bought anything unique from Udupi? Got an idea for others? Any shops you recommend? Do share with us.


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