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Alemane (Jaggery making unit) visit at Shanadi/Kedur

I had visited an alemane (venue where jaggery is made from sugarcane) near Thekkatte, off NH 66 last year as guided by friend Subramanya. This year visited this alemane located in Shanadi/Kedur again and bought some more jaggery. This post explains what to expect at an alemane and other details.

What happens at an alemane?

Sugarcane is squeezed and juice is extracted from it. Some juice they keep it for visitors to drink while the rest is passed on to a large vessel for pre-heating. From pre-heating/warm up stage the liquid is poured to another vessel where sugarcane juice reaches boiling temperature. The dry sugarcane shell is used as burning fuel.

The boiling liquid is poured into another carrier and allowed to cool down into jaggery. Then it is packed into boxes.

Different alemane use different techniques, technology and machines. Earlier bulls were used to rotate a wheel that would squeeze sugarcane, now electric motors are used. Size and number of equipment also vary based on the quantity of sugar they aim to process every day.

What all you can buy in an alemane?

  • Regular jaggery, pure from sugarcane, fresh and no additives- sold in 2 kg box or 6 kg box, about 100 Rs per kg
  • Joni Bella, 90 INR per kg
  • Sugarcane juice: complementary
  • Fresh hot jaggery bella for tasting: Ask, carry your own cup so that they can save a rupee on paper cup.
  • Sugarcane sticks: Ask
  • Watch the manufacturing process

Alemane visit information:

The alemane we visited is about 6 kms off NH 66.

How to reach Thekkaate Alemane? Turn right in Thekkatte bus stand while entering from Udupi side, travel about 4 kms, turn right after the railway bridge in Kedoor, keep looking for a sign board that guides you towards Ale Mane. Village name is Shanadi and any local can guide you further. For the last few turns there are signages in Kannada guiding you to Alemane.

Google map location is fairly accurate 

Season: Jan to Feb, +/1 a month depending on availability of sugarcane

Time: Visit during day time, better aim to reach before 3 or 4 PM. After that Joni bella and sugarcane juice stock may be over for the day and they may not be running the machines again just for you.

Nearby: Malyadi Bird Sanctuary (no guarantee of bird spotting, you might get lucky in October-November time


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