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Palimar Dam near Padubidri

Palimar Dam is a small check dam on Shambhavi river. Palimar Dam is not a designated tourist place but if you are in the area, you might want to enjoy a brief walk on the dam.

Palimar Dam is built in two layers. A primary layer which is a bit higher and thicker and a secondary layer some 3-4 meters away. We visited in December and there was fair bit of water. Need to visit Palimar Dam again sometime in August, September 2022.

There is road access till Palimar Dam but the last 1 km is narrow. If two vehicles come face to face, giving way will be tricky.

It may not be safe to swim in Palimar dam as the ground could be slippery. If you want to take a dip in the river you may find some decent spots downstream. Do it under supervision and never solo.

We spent about 10 minutes in the Palimar dam area and returned. You can spend more time around, exploring upstream and downstream areas if you wish.

Cost of construction: 6.5 crore rupees were spent to build this much, as per govt records...

How to reach Palimar? Follow google maps

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