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Padubidri's new Blue Flag rated beach- what to expect?

Padubidri is a town about 20 kms from Udupi on the border with South Canara district. Padubidri has a beach. Padubidri was not a spotlight destination when one visited coastal Karnataka. The hotspot beach destinations were Malpe, Maravanthe, Gokarna etc [Read: Top beaches of Udupi]

August 2020 I had visited Mulki and had stopped at Padubidri- at that time constructions were going on near the beach to create a park and walking tracks, so visitors were not allowed in.

Recently Padubidri came into limelight when it won blue flag rating. Blue Flag is a certification by Foundation for Environment Education (FEE) which evaluates beaches, waterfronts for certain facilities, quality standards and eco-friendliness. Only 2 beaches of Karnataka are blue flag certified right now- Padubidri and Kasarkod in Honnavara. If the certified beaches generate more revenue I think tourism department/govt will bring in similar facilities to other beaches to get them certified.

Padubidri has a normal beach as you enter the beach area from town. Do not mistake this spot for Blue Flag beach. This primary beach is free to enter, has some sitting areas, tree cover and few shops nearby.

The blue flag rated beach is about 1.5 kms south from Padubidri beach. I tried to revisit this spot last week and here's what I found:

1. Limited timings: 9 AM to 6 PM

Padubidri's blue flag rated beach is open to public only between 9 AM to 6 PM. This is because the entry is ticketed and staff won't come to work early morning (else they would need twice the staff to make them work in two shifts). We went at 6 AM and we were sent back by the security guard.

Lalbagh in Bengaluru is free to enter for morning walkers. Even Malpe beach & sea walk is open 24x7. I feel Padubidri's Blue Flag beach also should be kept open for locals for morning walks. Else who goes to beach after 9 AM? There are better places to visit during day time if one is traveling on tight schedule. Guard said most visitors arrive in afternoon/evening.

2. Entry, Parking & other fees

Padubidri's Blue Flag beach is not free to enter. It is ticketed. Entry fee is Rs 20 per person. Increased to 30 INR per person in 2021. Bike/car parking fees extra (20-50 Rs), beachside facilities like relaxing chairs cost Rs 50 per hour and there are more such chargeable services. If you can walk 1.2 kms you can park near main Padubidri beach for free n walk towards Blue Flag beach and save on parking fee.

Also need to see if anyone tries to walk in by the beachside bypassing ticketed entry points. I am sure they will deploy a watcher sitting on watch tower and identify such entrants.

3. Facilities

I couldn't explore fully, as I had entered before opening time. But the blue flag Padubidri beach has following facilities

  • A few watch towers long the beach
  • Several chairs by the beach (Rs 50 per hour)- could not see them in 2021 visit
  • A garden with walking track
  • Kayaking and few other watersports are offered at designated rates as shown below

  • Rest rooms- well maintained, changing rooms and free drinking water facilities are available.
  • Ability to view Hejamadi Delta (river entering sea)
  • A boat ride to nearby Kamini island is offered at 50 INR per person, 1 hour time. I asked the staff what is there- he said nothing, it is just a forest area. Few kids play items and other facilities are being added there- may be worth a visit next time.
  • A food court is available
  • A few photo op spots are available.
Overall well maintained beach with several time pass options for family, worth a visit


  1. Kasarkod and Kasargod are completely different is what i learnt today.

    Totally agree ,beaches should be kept free entry for morning walks

  2. Nice to know about FEE. It's a global organization, I see.

  3. Nice to know about FEE. It's a global organisation, I see.


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