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16th century Mirjan fort, Kumta- monsoon visit

July 2022 Update: Drone footage added. (scroll to bottom)

While I was returning from Sirsi via Yana and Vibhooti falls , I took a small diversion near Kumta to visit Mirjan Fort.

It was the month of August, monsoon season. Hence the area was all covered in greenery. Fort walls were decked up in green cover and temperature was nice. It wasn't raining at the time of my visit hence I could explore without having to use an umbrella.

In this post sharing the photos of Mirjan fort and related details. When you are cruising through Kumta on NH66, if you have an hour to spare, do divert and explore Mirjan fort.

Basic Information about Mirjan fort, Kumta:

  • Location: Kumta, about a km away from NH66.
  • Entry fee: None, free entry
  • Time to spend: about 45 mins to 1 hour, more at your discretion
  • Facilities available: Few roadside shops only
  • Things to see: Fort walls, steps, well, view of coconut plantation around, watch towers etc

Some steps and secret passages
Click to read Mirjan fort history in expanded view
Fort walls are largely intact and are impressive. Fort was built in 16th century by local queen. Chennaibhairavi. Fort was fully armed with watch towers, canons, secret passages and so on. It also probably had some buildings and palaces, which are not visible right now- probably destroyed or gone over time. Over time, Mirjan fort was under the ruling of Vijayanagara Empire, Marathas, Sultans of Bijapur (now Vijayapura) and others. Wikipedia has detailed history.
Do carry an umbrella in monsoon. There isn't much places to take cover inside fort premises when it rains. Couple of elevated points offer great view of the surrounding.

Kumta city has few hotels and restaurants. Gokarna is the nearest tourist destination. After spending about an hour in Mirjan fort I proceeded to my hometown via Honnavara and Maravanthe. 

March 2022 Update:  Revisited again. Took a walk on the outer periphery of the fort walls. The images do not look as inspiring as monsoon visit as the walls were dry. Sample images below. Drone not allowed.

Above left: a nicely displayed tender coconut on sale.

Watch Drone footage of Mirjan Fort below [Watch on youtube]


  1. Oh wow! It wasn't this green when I visited it a few years back. (There's only a little bit of moss.)
    Loved the green views from the top, too.

    Lovely pictures.

  2. Lovely post ….nice pics….thanks for sharing this post.


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