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Yana Rocks revisited from other side

Nov 2023 Update: Visited Yana again from Sisi side- roads are much better now.

  • No direct entry into caves. Need to go through temple complex only without footwear
  • Temple has started displaying dress code, but not enforced yet
  • We can no longer exit the cave from other side. Need to come back the same way we went in.


Yana rocks is a popular rock formation in North Canara (Uttara Kannada) district. I had previously visited Yana Rocks 7 years ago (January 2014). That visit was in an Ertiga with family and we had reached Yana from Kumta side, by turning left from SH 69 (Kumta-Sirsi road). This year August on my way back home from Sirsi I visited Yana again, but from a different route. This post shares my visit experience and photos.

Visiting Yana Rocks from other side 

This time I rode from Sirsi to Yana via lesser known roads. 

The road was nice except for last 12 kms. 

After we take a turn at above signboard (3 kms from Yana), only about 1-1.5 kms was good road and rest was pathetic. Vehicle owners were parking their cars at different points as per their comfort level and walk remaining distance. I rode till this sign board and parked few hundred meters ahead, as the road was slippery and I couldn't risk getting stuck. Last 1 kms I walked on foot to reach the temple

Advantage of this route was that we can avoid climbing, as it takes us directly to the temple level in Yana rocks. Also this route makes it easier to visit Vibhooti falls and Vaddi falls.

Situation at Yana when I visited:

The temples were closed, we had to see it from outside. The cave was open, could take a quick walk. There was no entry fee, parking fee etc. (Might have changed now). Govt needs to fix the roads asap- many who had come on rental cars were walking last 2-3 kms because car driver refused to go any further as roads were pathetic.

When to see the caves in between the rocks. No one else was there so I could get clear pics. But otherwise somehow felt the charm of the place is missing-probably because I didn't climb up all the steps like last time.

2014 visit I had seen several birds and honey bee nests. Didn't see any this time- probably because it was rainy season and the birds were indoors.

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