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Simplify your next international travel with an eVisa

Visa is a major aspect of international travel. While some passport holders are privileged to be able to travel without a pre-approved visa to select countries, most of us, particularly Indians will have to plan our visa for the country we intend to visit. A very small number of countries allow visa on arrival for Indians while most countries are now giving eVisa and the remaining ones still need conventional hard copy stamped visas. Not having right visa means we might be denied boarding at airport itself or deported back from destination country or forced to pay a hefty fine.

Visa requirement is a function of your nationality, country you intend to visit, purpose of visit and other factors. As of now, Indian nationals can avail eVisa to visit countries like Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Antigua, Barbuda, Ivory Coast, Sao Tome and Principe, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Oman, Armenia, Georgia, Kenya and Cambodia. Some countries such as New Zealand issue e-visa but only after physical submission of passport. Often we will need an expert to advise us as the visa rules are often very complex, dynamically changing and too risky to be taken lightly. Rules and process that existing an year ago might have changed now, what your friend followed six months ago may not be applicable for you. This is why having a trusted visa service provider like helps. 

Byevisa provides visa service to over 50 countries. By availing evisa services of a professional agency you can avoid physical visit to embassy, long queues, having to take physical appointments and other time and effort intensive formalities. Choose an evisa service provider who offers a simple and straight forward process. If you provide your nationality and destination country, a trustworthy evisa service provider should assess your visa requirement and will provide complete details on eligibility, expected process, documents needed, timeline and so on. For example, Indian passport holders can’t get ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for Canada and will have to go for a physical visa. But fortunately several countries are now granting eVisa which is lot simpler and quicker. Be aware of some agencies who demand payment first and give all other details later. Avail an evisa service- they will collect your documents, work with concerned country’s embassy to get your eVisa approved and once granted, share it with you via email. Having someone to do due diligence on your application means less chance of your visa getting rejected because of simple mistakes (like not providing some documents, not following photo specifications etc). Of course there will be a fee by evisa service provider, which is a reasonable ask and fair spend considering time and effort saved, due diligence they do which can reduce chances of rejection and benefits of getting latest information and advise.

Contextual image: An old photo from Vietnam trip- bike ride with local

I am sure most of us are waiting for the corona pandemic to end so that we can resume our normal travel again. I am sure that day will come soon. Corona cases are reducing day by day in India- we are in a much better state now compared to 3-4 months ago. Hopefully another 3-6 months normalcy will be restored around the world. Several countries like Maldives, UAE are already open to receive international tourists. Get ready with your planning. Cambodia and Turkey are on my wish list, hoping 2021 will let me travel again.

For your next travel plan, I suggest refer eVisa service providers to understand visa requirements and apply for one. You can create an account once and apply your next visa in a more easier and convenient way. Do check eVisa services' websites for latest information, tips and ideas.

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