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Renault Triber Test drive impressions, on road price

Renault Triber is a 7 seater MPV available for the price of a hatchback. It is a cleverly packaged offering by Renault focused on people looking for affordable family wagon, with occasional ability to transport 7 people. Triber's pricing is at par with premium hatchback so many will be tempted by extra seating and high ground clearance Triber offers. I took a test drive at Renault Udupi and below are my thoughts.

Renault Triber Pros

  • 7 seats for 7 lakhs. One of the cheapest MPVs with reasonable features and affordable pricing
  • Good ground clearance, decent looks and features
  • Four air bags (only in top end RXZ)
  • 3rd row seats are not that bad. Seats are thin but felt adequate for short trips. Multiple AC vents, charging points are given.

Renault Triber cons

  • No steering mounted controls- no audio control no cruise control, no nothing.
  • No fog lamps
  • No arm rest for second row.
  • Poor build quality and unknown Global NCAP safety rating
  • One inch smaller spare wheel
  • No ESP, hill hold control etc

Renault Triber on road price

Renault Triber costs between 6.4 lakhs to 9.1 lakhs on road depending on variant, MT or AMT. Cheapest version is not worth it, be ready to spend between 7.5 to 9 lakhs minimum.

Renault Triber waiting period

Renault Triber has a waiting period of 10-20 days depending on variant and colour choice.

Renault Triber test drive impressions

I drove it for about 3-4 kms on the highway- engine felt adequate for normal usage. Couldn't check driving uphill with 6-7 people- Triber might struggle then. Some features like driver seat height adjustment, headrest adjustment etc are missing. Vehicle feels ok for a family man trying to take people around, but Triber is not a confidence inspiring, driver enthusiastic vehicle. Ertiga feels a lot better. At 8-9 lakhs, Mahindra Bolero, Ertiga costs about 2 lakhs more but is lot better in terms of safety, features and maintenance.

When I asked for top speed, showroom manager said "180kmph" which made me understand he is bluffing and can't be trusted. Triber is good enough till 90-100 kmph. Beyond that, if fully loaded or climbing uphill, Triber will have its limitations due to 999cc, 72 PS engine.

I didn't see any Duster, Captur or Logan inside the showroom.

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