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New Renault Captur India launch- what we know so far

When Renault India introduced Duster in 2012, it proved to be an instant success. The concept of Compact SUVs were new back then and customers readily accepted Duster as it was rugged, powerful, offered much more than a sedan or premium hatch, while not costing too much as a full grown SUV. Duster success gave Renault the much needed boost, as no other model in their stable was doing any good. However this supremacy of Reno Duster that lasted for about an year was soon challenged by Ford Ecosport, a compact SUV which was sub 4 meters and was couple of lakhs cheaper compared to duster. Soon the market is flooded with more n more models- Vitara Brezza, BR-V, Hyundai Creta, Tata Nexon and so on. Duster got some upgrades over time- AWD, touch screen, couple of facelifts etc but couldn't fight the onslaught of feature rich, better looking and premium feeling competition models. Renault is now gearing up for its next big launch, Captur. Captur is already a success in Europe and other parts of the world where it is being sold since 2013.

In this post, I am sharing photos and information known about Captur so far. I have not driven it, I am not part of the media drive, I am only sharing what I have seen in the car (which was on display at a mall) and information available about the car though official sources.

Key things to know about Renault Captur:
1. Captur is 4.33 meters in length, so doesn't qualify for small car benefits

2. Captur uses same platform as Duster, has same Engine options (1.5 Litre petrol and diesel, petrol producing 106 PS, diesel 110). While Duster is more rugged, rough n tough, Captur will be put forward as a more premium, luxurious and stylish compact SUV/Crossover to own. Ground clearance is also same, but Captur is few mm longer and full 70mm shorter than Duster in overall height.

3. No AWD, No Automatic on offer in Captur (at least initially) while Duster gets these.

4. I first thought Captur might be positioned below Duster, to match Ecosport price. But from the looks of it, it feels like Captur will be priced above Duster as it offers more premium feel and will look to win customers who might otherwise consider Creta. Commercial launch expected during Deepavali time, mid of October 2017, during which pricing will be known. (To help set an idea, Duster has on road price ranging from 10 lakhs to 16 lakhs, Ecosport from 9 lakhs to 13 lakhs, Creta from 11 to 19 lakhs approx. Depending on what all features will be omitted in cheapest variant and what all features will be optional extras, Captur could be positioned at 12 to 18 lakhs (on road, ex showroom will be about 20-25% less)

4. Renault is claiming to offer high levels of customization on Captur right at the time of ordering. This will help make each car more unique and owners can feel better. Below is all what you can Customize:
 A. Designer stickers on the roof: Instead of a plain colour roof, you can opt for some design/patterns that will give better look to your Captur when seen from top. Maruti is already offering this for Ignis. (You can only select from 2 default designs- diamond deck and urban connect- ideally they should let customer upload any pattern/design/photo of their choice- say a flower)
B. Headlamp assembly- select from 2-3 different styles
C. Chrome inserts- decide where all you want more chrome to be added- like door handles, side padding, window frame, front grill, next to headlight etc etc
D. On the interior select some Mat designs etc

In my opinion, few more customization options such as Alloy Wheel design, gear knob design etc could be offered. You can try your hands customizing a Captur here:

Renault Captur Exteriors
17 inch 215/60 tyres in the top most trim (Platine). This matches Creta. Need to see if cheaper variants get narrower tyres (lie 205 or 195/60) as it is most cases such as Brezza, Nexon etc.

Rear: Typical Renault look

I missed to take some pictures from the side. Second row window feels bit small but Captur is longer than Duster.

Renault Captur Interiors:
1. Second row seat feels limited. White colour is creating an airy feel but if first row seats are pushed back to the maximum, second row passengers will be cramped. Second row gets AC vent, two adjustable headrests, central arm rest. Renault claims Captur gets first in class Ergodesign leather seats.

2. Multi purpose touch screen system. Auto AC, rear view camera, navigation support and other standard stuff.

The central console feels very basic even in top most trim. In Nexon it feels lot more premium. Note the coloured outer ring for AC vents. In Tiago this colour is customizable.

Instrument cluster is unconventional and looks cool

Steering wheel feels nice too. Notice a bit of chrome even here. A smart card access and push button start/stop is available. (Nexon gets a wearable device)

6 Speed Manual for now in top most Platine variant. Automatic may be later

Boot space is good. Around 390 litres
Renault has few other similar looking models in Europe- like Kadjar, which I saw in Lithuania in 2013

Do you like Captur? You think it will be a success like Duster? Booking is now open for Captur at Renault dealerships and pricing should be known in about 10 days. Let us see

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  1. The Renault Captur is built on the same platform as the Duster, that is, the BO/Logan platform. For the Indian market, it is the perfect alternative for the Hyundai Creta. The test mule that was spied had C-shaped DRLs on the fog lamp cluster, 17-inch alloy wheels and LED tail lights. On the inside, there is a 7-inch MediaNav touchscreen infotainment system, cruise control and automatic climate control. ABS with EBD and brake assist is expected to be given as a standard feature


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