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5 Interesting web series I watched on youtube recently

If you’ve been visiting Youtube often, you might have noticed lots of web series of late. Web Series are medium length stories told over a series of episodes all published online (Youtube). For many emerging talents/production houses, web series are easy way out to put their creativity online. Traditionally they had to depend on television channels to accept them, give them time slot etc. But with online consumption ever increasing, it is lot easier to put your video on youtube, to an unlimited possibility of viewership and monetization.

Advantages of web series over a television broadcasting

  • Viewers can watch from anywhere, anytime at their convenience, not having to depend on a channel or specific airtime
  • No censorship- free to use any language, clothing etc.
  • Lots of monetization options- in video promotion of brands, monetization from youtube ads etc- potential to make more money than via traditional channels
  • Complete control n flexibility: No fixed timelimes/targets, no need to tweak story to suit channels/advertisers’ guidelines, not limited by time duration etc
Below are some of the web series I watched in recent past. You may watch them if it interests you.

1 Dice Media- What the folks
Simple family story, cleverly presented. I watched purely because of its in video promotion of Zoomcar. Watch below or watch on Youtube.

2 Sakkat Studio- Loose connection (Kannada)
This Kannada video featuring Sunil made an interesting watch. Do not miss it. Monikant (Moni, played by Sunil) is trying to find a life partner and it takes various dramatic turns with upto 3 girls entering his life. Watch below or watch on Youtube here

3 The Trip:
Sponsored by Ford, I watched this series because it said the trip involves driving all the way to Thailand by road via North East. I was hoping to understand a bit about paperwork and border formalities involved. But sadly they skipped all of that and showed the girls arriving in Thailand directly. Watch below or watch on Youtube here
4. 2/3
Story of a married working couple sharing apartment with 3 careless college students, to save cost. The conflict of interests, preferences make it a worthy read. Again from Dice Media
Watch below or on Youtube here

5. Girl in the city
Shows struggle of new intern in a city, life in a shared apartment and so on. Also gives some insights into fashion and designer industry.

Watch below or on Youtube here
Most of these web series involve fresh faces, bring out several acting talents who might not have made it to TV or other major platforms to get noticed. In most series the acting felt extremely natural, without any heavy makeup or artificial lighting/glamour, dialogues quick and to the point and story progressing at good pace, compared to TV serials which are often dragged and prolonged unnecessarily for commercial gains. There’re many more web series, ranging on different topics. You can watch as per your interest and time. Do you have any favorites?

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