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Audi A5 BratPack unveiled in Chennai

Audi has introduced 3 new sedans, from its A5 series. These include the A5 Sportsback, S5 Sportsback and A5 Cabriolet (convertible). Together they are called Brat Pack, because Audi thinks just like the aggressive spoilt kids who care for nothing and demand attention, these new Audi sedans pack more punch, features and stand out from other sedans in their class.

The Audi A5 BratPack was unveiled in Chennai today at Crowne Plaza hotel in front of select media personnel and guests. I was invited for the same and went there as it was a Sunday. As I entered the venue one car was already exposed and standing out there in bright red while the other was covered. The third one was missing.
Subsequently when the event started the emcee confirmed that they've only 2 available at the venue, 3rd one can be checked out at Audi Chennai showroom (at Nandanam). Not sure if it is due to shortage of space on the poolside stage or some other logistics issues. The A5 series was unveiled by Audi Chennai management. No celebrity this time.
A5 will be a newly slotted category between the more affordable A4 and more luxurious A6.

About the Audi A5 BratPack:

All A5 models  get a frame-less door which is super cool (available in Merc CLS class). 3 zone climate control, touch screen infotainment system and Audi Virtual cockpit. A5 series gets a more coupe like body shape. The new 2018 models are longer and bigger than before. Boot is about 480 litres (You will get 1300 litres if second row seat is folded)
But the BratPack series do not get Matrix headlamp (Matrix headlamp has multiple smaller LEDs which can independently turn ON or OFF automatically based on oncoming traffic. The result is that high beam of an oncoming vehicle will not blind you. Portion of the road will be effectively illuminated and portions that cause conflict with high beam of vehicle in the opposite direction is automatically and temporarily turned off)

A5 Sportsback & Cabriolet
A5 Sportsback is the cheapest of the 3 in the BratPack. It gets a 2 litre TDI diesel engine that delivers 190 BHP or a top speed of 235 kmph. The Cabriolet also has same specifications. Both cars can reach 100 kmph in less than 8 seconds.

S5 Sportback: The most expensive S5 sportback gets even more power, thanks to 3 litre V6 petrol engine that punches out 354 horses. Takes under 5 seconds to reach 100 kmph and has an electronically limited top speed of 250 kmph. Exterior looks are largely same for S5 and A5, but there're subtle differences on the inside.

Pricing: #A5BratPack range starts from 54 lakhs to 70 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi. (A5 Sportsback is 54 lakhs, A5 Cabriolet is 67.5 lakhs and the most expensive one, S5 Sportback is 70 lakhs). Add some optional elements and various taxes and cess on top of it, you're looking at an on road price in Chennai from around 70 lakh to 90 lakhs for these 3 cars.

The rear boot opens all the way up, including rear windshield (Reminded me of Skoda Octavia Rider). All the best to the newly launched A5 brats.

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