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What's latest on the Airline Blog?

Are you following my other blog focused on Airlines and Air travels?  The airlineblog has started to get some good traction among the readers- both in terms of views and comments. I've published several useful posts in recent times- if you've not visited yet, may be it is time to do so.

Here's a quick summary of what's latest on the airline blog. Follow the link to read entire post, if the topic interests you.

1. Malindo Air Sale for Jan-April 2018
Malaysia based Malindo air is running a sale right now, still valid for next few days, with very tempting fares to various destinations in South East Asia. Example- Chennai-Bali for about INR 15000. Unlike Air Asia or Scoot, Malindo's fare includes 30 kg baggage, meals and even WiFi (select flights), so it is a great deal even if their price expensive by a small margin compared to ultra low cost rivals. Jan to April is also a good time to travel in South East asia- not very hot, not too cold. Check available deals and book your travel. Read full post here for all the details

2. Can you pack and flyout like next week? There're some dirt cheap fares available for immediate travel, probably due to unsold seats. Check some of the available options, if you're ready to fly out at short notice, this might be great opportunity for you. Details here

3. Fly closer to Hampi
Now there's no need to endure a 6 hour road journey to reach Hampi. You can fly in closer to Vidhya nagar airport, 40 kms from Hampi, thanks to Trujet. Full details here.

4. A lovely letter from Norwegian
Compared to plain vanilla communication you receive from other airlines, this mail from Norwegian almost made me cry- such a lovely love letter reminding me that I haven't flown with them in a while- do read. I promise you won't be disappointed. Read here.

5. Air Asia's new Freedom Loyalty Program- Good Bad and Ugly
Air Asia has recently launched a few loyalty program- while it sounds cool and beneficial, some existing benefits have been silently removed. Read this post where I provide complete analysis of this program and my personal experience.

6. Jet Star experience
I flew Jet Star Pacific in Vietnam for the first time. My observations in this post

7. Trujet Chennai- Mysuru daily direct flight
Trujet now flies Chennai-Mysuru daily, for about Rs 2200 one way. (It was 1200 one way during launch, now increased). An overnight AC bus costs close to INR 1000, so 2200 might still be a good deal given the time it saves. Check more details here

8. Quoted in Deccan herald
I was quoted in Deccan Herald in an article on Air travel. Details

9 What happens when your inflight purchase goes bad?
Read this post to understand the problems you've to face in case your inflight purchase proves to be faulty.

10. Fly to Jaisalmer with Spicejet
Spicejet is now flying to Jaisalmer from Delhi. No need to land at Jodhpur and endure half a day road journey. Details here

For these and more useful posts related to air travel, do visit and subscribe to my airlineblog.in I will be posting detailed analysis of airline sales, latest air travel news, reviews and more.

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