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Bhujanga and Radio parks in Ajjarkadu, Udupi

I have visited Udupi multiple times over time but never had a chance to visit Ajjarakadu, a silent suburb of Udupi, just about a km away from bustling city centre.

Ajjarakadu is home to Udupi City Hospital has a playground and few parks. Diana restaurant, Udupi's once most popular landmark have also shifted to Ajjarakadu to a new building. This post will focus more on Ajjarakadu's parks.

Bhujanga Park

Bhujanga Park is a spacious public space with walking lanes, areas to sit and relax and some creative exhibits, like this sleeping man sculpture.

Public Gym at Radio Park

Radio Park has a memorial to remember Mahatma Gandhi's visit to Udupi, a watch tower like building on the rocks and most importantly, lots of fitness equipment. You can do lots of exercise here without having to spend lots of money on gym membership.

Children's play area

Next time when you are in Udupi, if you need a place to relax you know where to go.

How to reach? You can get off the bus at Taluk office stop and walk to Ajjarakadu area. It is about 2 kms from city centre/main bus stand- you can reach in Auto for about 40-50 rupees.

Other popular places nearby include Malpe, Udupi Srikrishna temple, Kapu beach, Mulki, Udyavara Beach, Kodi Bengre (Beach, Houseboat, Kayaking & Suspension Bridge) , Manipal. and Pajak Kshetra. Also read: Top beaches in Udupi district


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