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Tannirubhavi Tree Park Mangaluru & nearby attractions

Tannirubhavi is a nice strip of land between the ocean and backwaters, in the city of Mangaluru in coastal Karnataka. Tannirbhavi is a bit far from Mangauluru city centre so visiting it takes some time and effort. I had not been here during my previous visits to Mangaluru so managed a visit yesterday. This post tells you what to expect at Tannirubhavi area in Mangaluru.

Word Tanniru means cold water and Bhavi means well. The locality is surrounded by saly sea water all the side so probably a few freshwater wells got the area this name. Just guessing.

Places of interests in Tannirubhavi area

1. Beach (Normal beach, nothing unique, but has paid parking area and a few shops- beach is the first thing you will spot as you enter Tannirubhavi area. Beach continues along the strip so you don't have to park here and rush to beach. Explore the area fully and then decide where you wish to enter the beach. There is another parking area a bit further under the woods near the ferry road.

2. Salumarada Timmakka TreePark

This is probably the most exciting attraction in Tannirbhavi. The existing area with large trees is ticketed and converted into a tree park. Entry fee is Rs 20 per person, following facilities exist:

  • Many art work showcasing local cultures

Above: Kambala

Below: Yakshagana & Kola. (I find art work at Manipal Tree Park more beautiful)

  • Sitting areas
  • Resting areas to sit and relax
  • A few shops selling stuff
  • Rest rooms
  • Beach Access
  • Various displays highlighting significance of trees
  • A children's play area (I saw that the tyres hung to rope in children play area had full thread. May be they got new tyres for this purpose, didn't use old tyres)
  • An amphitheater kind of open area
  • A guest house (need to check how to book this) & information counter
3. Residential area
Tannirbhavi is home to several locals, mainly those who are into shipbuilding and fishing related work. You will find many small temples, shops and other usual stuff.

A crowd-less beach towards the end of Tannirbhavi

4. Ship Building:
Towards the end of Tannirbhavi I could see some shipbuilding work going on. New boats were being built ready to be rolled into the ocean. If you have time and interest you can walk or drive on the narrow roads that take you into heart of Tannirbhavi where you can see shipbuilding, fishing and harbor activities.

5. Police quarters: 
Tannirbhavi is home to coast guard and costal police staff, who have their office n docking stations here.

How to reach Tannirbhavi from Mangaluru?
1. Ferry: There is a ferry from mainland to Tannirbhavi, frequency and rates not known but will be a good experience
2. Public transport:  A local bus operates from Bajpe to Bengre. There could be more. You can take this city bus and reach Tannirbhavi for just a few rupees
3. Own vehicle/Taxi: Tannirbhavi is accessible by road, but will be a bit of detour from city centre. Roads are overall nice but expect several speed breakers and small bad stretches.

Time to spend: 2-3 hours highly recommended, more depending on how much time you want to spend in the beach or in the tree park.

Nearby: Panambur beach

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