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Malpe beach seawalk & art work near Udupi

Malpe is a popular beach destination near Udupi, Karnataka.

Malpe was popular for St Mary's Island. Recently Malpe has also become popular for its sea walk- about a km long walkway into the ocean.

The seawalk got even more exciting in 2021 with some creative artwork getting displayed on the way to sea walk. Some photos below:

The cat:

The boatsmen
The fish with human face
Sea walk
A statue of fisherwomen, men and their kid and same status in June 2020 from a different angle

A selfie
Now there is 10 Rs entry fee for bikes.
Sand work
Malpe is about 5 kms from Udupi, you can take an auto from Udupi city or take local bus to reach Malpe.

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