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St Mary's island, Malpe, Udupi: 2022 visitor Info

April 2022 Update:
St Mary's island boat ride now costs 300 INR per person. Might go up to 500 Rs on some festival days/weekends. You still get only 1 hour at the island. Also now there are more restrictions on what all you can do at the island.
Watch a short 1 min drone footage of Udupi's St Mary's Island. [Watch on Youtube]

--- Original 2013 post ----

St Mary's island is a popular tourist attraction near the coastal town of Udupi & Mangalore, Karnataka.

I'd been there years ago as a child and revisited recently. This post shares a few photos and tourist information on St Mary's island, Malpe.

The island reportedly got its name from Vasco Da Gama, who stopped by this island during his journey that discovered India. St Mary's is a small island, with rocks on all sides. It is probably because of these rocks the island is intact even today, without letting the mighty ocean waters to erode the sands. Apart from the ocean waters and rocks, island has a few coconut trees, few shelters created by tourism department and couple of makeshift shops selling chips and cold drinks.

Earlier, visitors could spend whole day at the island, from morning to evening. People used to come in with home made food, have a picnic here and go back. But of late, boat operators have been enforcing a 1 hour time limit at the island, which is fairly inadequate to explore the island. It takes at least 2 hours to explore the St Mary's island comfortably. 1 hour deadline is not a hard stop, even if you miss the boat, you can take the next one.
A rock that looks like Ganesha
Like all tourist spots in India, St Mary's Island is also poorly maintained, with trash thrown all around. The island was in news early 2012 for a govt supported Rave party that was facilitated here.

Jetski rides and boat rides around the island are other attractions at St Mary's island.

St Mary's Island is an ideal half day plan if you're visiting Udupi/Mangalore.

Tourist Information:
Distance: 7 kms from Udupi, 65 kms from Mangalore
Timing: From 9 AM till 5PM, boats leave from Malpe at regular intervals, typically once they get minimum of 30 tourists
Season: Closed during peak Monsoon (June- September), at other times subject to covid restrictions/local govt rules.
Fee: Car parking fee: Rs 50, boat fee: Rs 300 per person (The lady at the counter even refused to issue tickets, saying she can issue tickets only after confirming that there're 30 people)

Other notes: Boat rides might be suspended in case of heavy rains/adverse weather

Nearby places: Malpe Seawalk * Kapu lighthouse * Endpoint Manipal * Udupi Srikrishna temple * Kodi Bengre houseboat * Udupi offbeat places

Malpe beach is nearby and Malpe harbor which houses lots of fishing boats are worth paying a quick visit.


  1. Lovely place, very inviting. I'd love to be there.

  2. Nice photos and description.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks Niranjan, Nasreen, Kebhari, Rajesh, TGS & Tomichan

  4. I'm from Mangalore and as a child all of our school trips were to St. Mary's Island. Nice clicks :)

  5. This is a Nice post with beautiful Images. I am in love with Karnataka. There are beautiful places here.

  6. It a nice post with beautiful images

  7. will it be open during this season?? boat timings??

  8. might be closed during peak monsoon\
    Boats operate from 10 AM

  9. What wil be d cost for group of 20members for boating

  10. Should be same- Rs 100 * 20.. Try your luck bargaining a discount

  11. For more information
    Ferry service provider

  12. Can I know the entrance fee for coconut island...

  13. I think boat fee includes entry fee. Don't remember paying separately for entry

  14. Please be careful while stepping into the island. My younger brother lost his life in this island during his 10th class picnic on 2018 October.please take care of your family.

    1. That is so sad to hear. Hope you get strength to deal with the tragedy


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