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Book Review-Chapter Eleven by Amit Shankar

Finished reading this book within half a day. Chapter 11 is a corporate fiction, similar to Ravi Subramanian's banking thrillers.

Having witnessed Satyam Computers saga from inside, this book makes a lot sense to be and made me recollect those times, 4 years ago.

But even otherwise, if you're a corporate employee, lot of points brought out during the course of the story makes sense to you and you'll always feel connected to the lead character.

Chapter Eleven is a story of a young Rajastani Thakur, aspiring to make it big in corporate life. When he thought he's lucky to have a job in a well known corporate, series of events begin to unfold infront of him taking him through huge list of highs and lows all within a span of 6 months.

How do you feel if your company files for bankruptcy on the date of your joining? How it is to work under the pressure of losing job, having to survive a bad marriage and deal with dozen other difficulties when they all bombard together? Do read for yourself to enjoy this book.

Besides corporate angle being key focus through out the story, VVS (lead character's personal track is also well covered and interwoven into the main story, merging smartly in the end.  What happens to VVS in the end is kept unspecified, probably good way to plan a sequel and bring him back in next book.

Key take home points from the book:

  • Non disclosure means non disclosure- irrespective of how trust worthy the other person is
  • There're no permanent friends and enemies or good & bad in Corporate world. Everything is dynamic
  • Being honest and being smart are mutually exclusive things, most of the time.

I particularly likes the idea of keeping a quick summary of various characters and terms used in the book at the end. This helps quickly connect the story or understand a point.

I will be reading next another book by same author, Love is Vodka

  • Title: Chapter Eleven
  • Author: Amit Shankar
  • Publishers: Vitasta
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 361
  • MRP:  Rs 245 (Rs 231 on flipkart, I feel price tag is on slightly higher side)


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  2. I was part of Satyam fiasco and can relate to it. Sounds like a Good read. I've already ordered this book and waiting my coopy

  3. Good to know Sam.. tell us what you felt about the book


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